Advanced Human Design Sessions:
(These are examples, topics vary based on interests)


PHS and Rave Psychology

  • Ideal dietary regime

  • Your Special Ability

  • Ideal Environment

  • Learning Style

  • How to watch your mind to see if your decisions are in line with your highest good

  • Your 4 Rules to Live by


Venus Sequence

  • Your Life’s work

  • Your Greatest Challenge

  • Your Source of wellbeing

  • Your Life Purpose

  • Your Source for Relationship Conflict

  • How your mind over-rides your emotions/intuition

  • How to release your inner child/playfulness

  • Your greatest potential



  • Examine which of the 9 Key Areas may be affecting your Abundance (love, time, money, support etc)


Relationship Reading

  • Examine two Human Design charts next to each other to see:

    • How they are the same vs different

    • How they will affect each other

    • The source of conflict

    • How they can work best together

Advanced Soul Contract Sessions:


Common Name Since Birth

  • Although the Birth Chart is your TRUE Soul Contract, the Common Name Since Birth can act 80% like your TRUE Soul Contract, which includes additional issues and challenges that you will face, and talents and goals you may have


Current Name Overlay

  • How your current name(s) are helping or hindering your progress

  • If you have multiple names, which names is most effective in helping you progress

  • Start to talk about what components an optimized name might have

  • Max 6 names


Relationship Overlay

  • See how others impact you energetically:

    • Do they resonate with you?

    • Do they lift you up?

    • Do they push your buttons?

    • What are you supposed to learn?

  • If you want to know how you impact others, you will need their Birth Certificate Name

  • Max 6 people/names


Name Optimization

  • Discussion of what you are looking to create in your life and what numbers would help you get there

  • You offer some suggestion of names to try, this may take a while to come up with a list

  • I will try multiple spellings of those name and let you know if any get us close to what we are looking for numerically (this process could take a few rounds)

  • Once we have some names that are close enough, I will present the options to you

  • If you are satisfied, we stop, and you can try out the new name for a few weeks or months and we will re-assess the impact over time and adjust if needed

  • If you are not satisfied, we continue the process of looking for the right name

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