Grounding Sanctuary

Supportive Spiritual Community

Why I created this group...

I have had quite a wild ride this lifetime, full of many challenging experiences. I had no idea what it meant to wake up. I had never even heard of the concept of Spiritual Awakening.

In early 2017, I was so determined on the wrong path that I feel and know I was stopped in my tracks and sent home to Heal. I needed to realign with who I AM, so that I could finally accomplish what I came here to do. Along the way, I have come across many others, on the same path, with nowhere to go for support. I have searched and searched. 

I have found it lonely, at times, because; some of the things that Light me up inside, make no sense to some of those who are/were closest to me. I have a lot of anxiety in my life, and I need more support. I know there are others out there, in need, as well. This is why I started the Grounding Sanctuary ~ Supportive Spiritual Community.

I am a certified peer support worker, and now it is time to offer ALL kinds of support!


The Grounding Sanctuary ~ Supportive Spiritual Community is a place where we can discover together: Who we are, The gifts we have to share, and that We are all a work in progress. I want to grow and heal with a Tribe who understands each other. I want us to step into our power and accept ourselves, for the amazing Souls that we are! And I want to have fun while doing this.

Care to join me?

Sending you all Love and Light,

Mission Statement

To create a community of like-minded people, who are on a journey of discovery, and who are looking for a safe place to share their successes and challenges, discuss new ways and perspectives, with the sole purpose (Soul Purpose!) of Enlightenment for Self and Others.

Always making an effort to remain in Integrity. Always being willing to turn towards Grace. Always seeking new knowledge and wisdom. In a way that supports the Divine Plan and the Greater Good.

We want to encourage group members to Trust themselves (and, where applicable, to trust Source). 

We offer a path to liberation and healing, for our Selves, and those who also choose this path.

This is also a place to play and practice our new skills. So, if you have a modality that you want to practice or share, in a group healing or one on one, please let me know and I will create a space for this.

We are all here for each other.
We are a community.
We all have answers.
We can all support one another.
We are all worthy and deserving.
The boundary of our self-integrity is the limit.

Community Guidelines / 

Our promises to each other...

Respect and Integrity - We all have unique paths, are at different points in our journey, and move/grow at different speeds. Please keep in mind there are “many ways to Walmart, and one person's Walmart is another person's Enlightenment”. We ask that "our egos are left at the door, with our shoes”. And we acknowledge that each person knows what is best for themselves.

Language - Please be mindful of your language. No “shoulding” on yourself or others. We ask that participants refrain from using the word “should”. Should can imply guilt or add additional burden to self and others; ”you should do this”, “you should try that”, “I should do this", "I should’ve done that”, etc. Instead we can use the word “could”. This gives ourselves and others the power of choice. Also, try to speak from the “I”. What works for one person may not work for another. For this reason we ask that all participants speak with “I” statements; “I have experienced”, “I have found”, “This was really helpful for me” etc.

Headlines not the Details - Many of us are hyper-sensitive. Please be aware of the “Headlines and Details” that you share. Some of the details may affect others in the group. Please be mindful not to share any details regarding trauma or violence, it is not that we don't care, we just don't want to trigger anyone in the group and we all understand what is implied by certain words. 


Policy on Fear - It is ok to share your fears, but please do not use this platform as a place to spread fear. If need be, I have an exercise we can use as a group to release fears.

Confidentiality - This is a safe space to be open and vulnerable. Confidentiality is important. Please feel free to share what you learn from one another, but please refrain from identifying who said what, without their permission.

Boundaries - When "healers/support-workers" come together, we can often take on too much, with the best of intentions. Please be aware of your own needs before taking on someone else to support. And don't hesitate, if you would like to reach out to the group, for someone to take over, if you feel you've taken on too much. Please feel free to connect with one another and share your wealth of knowledge and wisdom outside of the group. And please feel free to share any new wisdom or experiences you gain along the way.

Step Up, Step Back - Some of us are talkers and some of us are not. If you tend to speak a lot, try to step back at times to allow others to share. Also, the reverse, if you are generally quiet and reserved, please take this opportunity to step up and share, as you feel the need. This is a safe space. As always, we all have the right to pass. We do not have to share and are always welcome to just be present and listen.

Unconditional Love - We as a group promise to stay in alignment with Unconditional Love and Light. Please be open to new perspectives and allow others to do whatever they feel is best for them, even if you disagree.

Self Advocacy - Ask for what you need, and feel free to say NO as you see fit. Please refrain from asking participants for more details on their share, without their permission. You can also let the group know when you are not open to feedback and just want to share.


Meeting size - The main meetings are open to all (no max number of participants, at this time). However, in future, some groups may be capped at 8-10 participants, for specific topics or modality. TBD. 

As the facilitator I will do my best to keep us in line with our guidelines and on time. Please try not to take it personally if I have to refer to the guidelines from time to time. I do so out of respect for all.


Please feel free to bring forward any new guidelines as you see fit. We will discuss them as a group. We are all holding space for each other.

The schedule above is for December 2020, but this is our general routine (Wednesdays 430-630pm and Saturdays 9-11am).


When you email me (below) to receive the password to join us, please feel free to ask me if there will be a meeting on the day(s) you plan to attend.


Please know that you do not have to arrive on time or stay for the entire time.


Most meetings start on time and run for about 1hr. I am commited to being there for you for the full 2hrs, and if you let me know if you plan to attend late, I am happy to let you know if we end before you arrive, and what your options are, if you  would still like some support that day.


Never feel like you can not just come to pop in, say hi, get some support, and go.


This group is to support you, not to be an added thing on your TO-DO list!


It is often beneficial to be able to share your thoughts, have them be heard, received, and supported. What someone else may share might also become the added ingredient that you needed, to support your current thoughts, to move them out of the loop they were stuck in, so we can all grow forward, into something better.

Alahnnaa Campbell has offered to demo some group Divine Healing sessions at the Grounding Sanctuary, or answer some general questions about Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, Esogetic Medicine, RestoreChi, and her Astrology Training Program.


When she is feeling better, Kelly will hopefully be able to demo and teach modalities (such as Aqualead, Queldon, Chakras Inquiry, DBT, CBT, and more), that you may want to incorporate into your self-care routine.

Let us know, at any time, what may be of interest to you!

Go here for highlights from our past meetings (including links, resources, ideas, and quotes) . "Follow" the "Grounding Sanctuary" topic to be notified of new posts. You can even start a list of topics that you would like to talk about in future meetings! This is a great place to go for live interaction, at any time. Also, feel free to visit the other Support Their Light topics, if they are of interest to you.

Zoom link for all meetings:

Email Kelly with any requests or questions, and to receive the password to join (same password for all meetings).

​We would love to hear from you! See survey below.


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