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Like Da'at on the Tree of Life, this is path is a "hidden" complement to the Decode Your Own Astrological Chart course... 

Making your own astrology cards is a great way to put what you've learned on paper, and then move the pieces around, to see how different concepts fit together.


The name "Outbreath Inbreath" comes from the concept, that:

- We are the outbreath of spirit/god/source/all-that-is.

- We are here to evolve consciousness through our life experience.

- We maintain our health, by continuing to walk our unique life path (by adhering to our unique truth).

- When we stray from what feels right for us, we lose connection to spirit, and thus to health.

- When our life is done, we return to spirit/god/source/all-that-is on his/her inbreath.


We also descend the Tree of Life as we embody, and we ascend it when we return to source.

See this article for more: What is esogetic medicine?.

The paths of the Tree of Life have been associated to astrology, and many other things.


In addition, in both astrology and working with the Tree of Life, the objective is to find the middle ground, or in I'ching terms (also tied to astrology and the body) "walking the path of the sage" (in alignment with what is true and good).


So, if it resonates with you, one thing you could do, when creating your astrology cards, is focus on what you feel like in each aspect of astrology, when you are in balance and aligned, and when you are out of balance and tending toward illness.


All of my work feeds into each other, this is not just astrology or spirituality, it is also education, and physical and mental health.


Seeing your life for what it was meant to be, as per your own personal agreement with source, for your curriculum and goals in this lifetime, written in the stars, in your name, on your skin, in your organs, and in your life.


I hope you enjoy the process and will share what you've learned and created with us and others!

Step by step guide, with all the information you need to build your unique Astrology Card deck offered to student who have completed Level 1 of Decode Your Own Astrological Chart.

Love, Bless, and Strong, Now and Always, Fire Birds!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health