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A bit of adult coloring…

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

To process where my chakras are out of balance, and to integrate and ponder how I can course correct, using the Healy, Esogetic Medicine, RestoreChi, life/perspective changes, and more.

I was also given these Gene Keys to ponder:

I am still processing the first two.

And, prior to this, I was blown away by what the app had to say about our child, partially captured here:

Then, even more astounded by its interpretation of the public school system:

However, as always, when we focus our attention to heal others, we realize that we ourselves need some healing too (aka. are not perfect either). And the scan of our family/home was also very accurate:

Even if I don’t vibrate correcting information to each of these targets as often as called for, the awareness of these issues, and the willingness to approach everything as being in the process of healing or course correction, I think can only ever lead to a better outcome.

We all want to be understood and accepted for where we are at, and appreciated for our efforts. Elemental Magic and Divine Healing may be helpful here too!



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