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A clarion call, crystal children, and the event

As per usual, I’ve been reading a lot of books.

Here are some quotes, which may help you see, partly where I am at:

A clarion call is something the person who brought through Human Design speaks to as well.

What is not represented in these quotes, we’re the two books I was reading about Jesus. Did he have blood children or were they adopted? Of course, his bloodline and family spread everywhere. He did not come to be who he was without support and teachers who were just as capable (if not more so) than he was. What has stuck with me is the difference: are we searching for the special many, or are we all capable of rising above to experience our own oneness with mother-father-god, and from there, see the bigger picture? I believe the latter.

Although, I also believe a clarion call went out to the twin souls (who, in my opinion, soul’s purpose is not to experience amazing sex, but to experience acceptance and oneness, which is possible with many). The first division of male and female, when the souls split to experience multiple aspects of themselves. Because, we are one at our source (see the quotes above).

These “higher up” souls need to do their work in this lifetime, but they have done it before and know how (to a certain degree). So, they are more likely candidates to see through all of this, and find what is most important, but anyone can choose to do so too.

And the children of these “higher ups”, are themselves even higher, because we choose to come through those who can support us on our mission, and those who can hold a safe container, to teach us how to be here, as we evolve.

I’ve been waiting a long time for the healing device that arrived yesterday to get to me. I’ve had to be ready, be aligned, cut some ties, so that I can use it right. It’s interesting, that the book I quote heavily in this article, I bought because it mentioned this healing device in it. And, the logo for this healing device, literally has a tuning fork, in the spelling of the product name, because that is what it is doing. We find the right vibration, and this wakes others up, tunes them to this vibration, without us ever having to force or convince, and this collective vibration lifts the earth (how do you think they made the pyramids, or any other landmark made with stones weighing multiple tons?), which is why Mother Earth called us here and now in the first place.

Days prior to receiving this device, I was called to see one of my teachers, who offered me his latest techniques and devices. Someone had even tried to sway me to another brand of the product I was waiting for, months prior, which even made me waiver temporarily, but I found my truth. And my teacher’s devices are also good, and so are my other modalities. Each in their place, to serve the common vision.

The first person to use my new device was my husband. After seeing my teacher, our middle child got sick, and then he got hurt. I was easily able to revive our middle child, with a couple of the modalities I already had, and I used many modalities on my husband too. In the end this device called for him to “gain confidence when feeling down”:

And for me, the device suggested I support my chakras system:

(see the tuning fork? Love.)

Why I write this here is: I realize, this is my gift, the event is happening, people have the ability to wake to kindness. Waking up is not hating others, no matter how justified we may feel. It’s softening and releasing the tightness on everything. No ownership, no mine, just flow to where we can grow, to be ourselves, and to give back.

This coming into my email helped confirm that the pieces are coming together:

Someone I judged became someone I love:

(author of the majority of the quotes above).

There is a reason why I can hear and respect certain voices, and others just sound like hate. There is a direction that we need to follow, towards love and wholeness, it needs no convincing or explanation, and the guidance is strong right now. Love or hate, easy as pie.

And, those who say “I never get sick”, well, you’ve never let go either. It is time to let go, of all the programing we took on, to be able to be here, to understand what this place has become, so we have the ability to transmute and lift earth out of this war torn loss of natural balance.

I am here to serve those who want to help, who want to see a better world. This one has been good, full of lessons, and experience, but, the game is over. We pull the earth out, or not, gratitude for the game. Sending love.

Reach out if this resonates with you.


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