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Adults wound others because they are wounded, kids hurt others because they are hurt…

…often by their wounded parent, who can’t even see them for who they are, because all they can see is their own needs. A wounded person needs to heal, before they can look at their shadow, which is the damage they have done to kids.

In truth, both are hurting themselves, because everyone seeks love, and behavior like this never gets it, unless they come across someone who has healed.

I am hoping this will become less rare as time goes on. If I can heal, so can you!

In the meantime, we can all just send everyone some love. No one can ever have too much. Even if they don’t know how to receive it, energetically it is there, and can help, when sent anonymously from afar. Please do not send love in physical/verbal/3D form, unless is it welcomed!!

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