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Alternative to western medicine

When C first hit I decided I was done having kids. There is absolutely no way I was going to deliver a baby in m-ass-k city, and the last baby I delivered I almost bled out, so I’m not delivering one at home either!

Now, a year into C, I’ve already had two of “the old C we used to worry about” scares, and I decided again, I’m not interested in their treatments: C, R, or S. I don’t want to poison, fry, or cut into my body. None of these things are health to me, and I am not interested in seeking health care from people who do not understand how the body works on a physical, let alone multidimensional, level!

So I told my husband he is going to have to give me time for self-care, so that when the old C scares come up, I can handle them on all levels (physical, emotional, spiritual, subconscious, conscious, this life, past lives, the modalities I know, and those of my friends).

Today for my blocked milk duct. I am waiting for my farm share box to arrive to apply a few cabbage leaves wrapped in a soft ice pack. I may apply a heat pack while I wait (or better yet, an Epsom salt bath, if I can get some more me time!).

And I did the following treatments on myself, to support my body to drain down and out the emotional and physical toxins:

Notice one of the treatments is for stress in the breast (mamma), due to a subconscious search for feeling loved, as a result of having an unloving childhood? And my thymus (high heart) has been hurting me for the past few days, with everything going on in the world.

Interestingly, my left hip acted up throughout the treatment (Venus, see below), and after I applied the last treatment my right shoulder acted up (Mars).

Mars reacts when Venus is mistreated. Your hips are your unique life program (they act up when you can not be your self and walk your unique life path). Your left is childhood, your right is adult life. And the only thing that can stop Mars from reacting (fighting and causing destruction) is positive conscious understanding from Venus (love).

So I will continue to love my self, and I hope you will find love for your self too!

These treatments come from: Find Your Truth

Something I think we all need to recognize is: the old C doesn’t come out of nowhere, we ignore all the early warning signs, we numb our pain, and we fail to make life changes. And being susceptible to negative outcomes from the new C also doesn’t come out of nowhere. We need good self-care always, that way we don’t have to freak out with drastic medical decisions later on. Isn’t this the most important thing to teach our children, even before worrying about if they can read?

Now, back to mom duty I go!

Wishing you all a great day, as you navigate life and health, in whatever way works for you, I hope it feels like love!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide To Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health

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