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Being sick is an invitation to become wise

While I am no longer interested to return to this topic, after the article I released a few minutes ago, this article has been sitting in my draft and I want record of it for my "blog".

Here is what I have learned by reacting to people who V, and to experiencing and clearing C from our home. Each family member experienced C in a unique way, based on where they are weak. Just like there are many ways to become depressed, and many medications/solutions that will not work, until you find the specific way that the person broke. The same goes for overcoming C, and reactions to the V, in my experience and opinion.

It is important to remember how far we have come. And to honour that we still have work to do. Especially in our relationships and negative self-talk, as well as our willingness to continue to put in the effort to regain or maintain our health, and to let the record stand that we were wrong, so we can continue to grow.

Go here to read my WIP article: How to self-care in an increasingly toxic world? (updated Oct2021) | Your Health Toolkit (

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