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Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, and the V

I share what I see in the scientific reports for the two candidates being offered in Canada here: pee-fizer and moe-derna.

Everyone needs to make their own decisions.

What I can share with you, having worked with participants in health research for 10yrs, and having been of service to empower people my whole life: it is not the sheep we are interested in, it’s the ones who dare to stand up for their own truth, to be different, that you are most interested in, and you can not help people who are unwilling to do the work.

We live in a society where we raise our children and treat our employees like we own them. This is a very Capricorn (the devil card in the tarot) view.

Interestingly, by traditional rulership, Saturn (structure) rules both Capricorn and Aquarius. So, in my opinion, both signs are equal in their ability to support a society that can stand the test of time (Saturn), but which do you choose?

Aquarius is also tied to the star in the tarot, and this is interesting, because in Soul Contract the star and the emperor switch places. The star moves up in the ranks and is tied to SC5 and Aries, and the emperor moves down in the ranks and is tied SC18 and having regrets over past decisions, which then paralyzes him from making the decisions to follow spirit in this lifetime or not.

By now you are surely lost, so, let me retrace...

Did you hear about the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which moved into the sign of Aquarius on Dec 21st 2020?

This was a big deal, and I felt it.

In modern rulership, Capricorn is still ruled by Saturn, but Aquarius is ruled by Uranus.

In either case; Capricorn is an Earth sign (hard to move) and Aquarius is an Air sign (easy to move).

We have an opportunity right now.

The star (Aquarius) is asking us to build and move towards a utopian world, one that respects all of life.

The devil (Capricorn) is asking us to come back to the old world of greed, money, entertainment and numbing dr-ughs (so that we fail to become empowered, by understanding who we are, giving our unique gifts, and being able to work on our unique life purpose).

Unique is a very Aquarian word!

The devil can not force, but he can tempt: if you do the V, I will let you have your freedom back, I will give you access to travel again, I will give you access to free places to send your kids so you can gain more freedom (aka school), and I will tell you you are a good person. I will also offer you the illusion of safety, to momentarily remove your fear, only to apply it somewhere else, because that is how I control you.

You truly have to determine if you are acting out of fear of the unknown, of death, of missing out, of shame, of guilt, etc. Or if you have the courage to move towards freedom, empowerment, and health. As every exiled great mind knows, no one can take your freedom away, you choose how you feel, what you think about, and what you do, always, everything else is illusion, and I hope you offer the same respect of choice and empowerment to your children!

Think about health, think about Aries, think about Capricorn.

Some people think Capricorn is the first sign, at the top of the astrology wheel, beginning (almost) at the start of the Gregorian calendar (Dec 22nd is closest to Jan 1st), when the days start to gain more light.

But Aries is when the days are finally longer than the night. The light has finally triumphed over evil, you are free!

Remember, I share this because we are deciding between Aquarius - the new world that respects everything and everyone (linked to the star and Aries, via the tarot and soul contract) and Capricorn - the tired old world of money, temptation, and greed (linked to the devil card in the tarot).

I have always felt school and work should end, when the snow has melted and the sun comes out. No need to continue to stay inside to learn and work, run free, be inspired, make something new.

I have also always been suspicious of the time change, which makes it harder to notice the natural cycles of light and dark.

When we follow the clock instead of our own natural instincts, we sleep in and go into work/school when it is dark. As a result, we can’t tell we’ve been robbed of our right to be free!

Anyhoo, my point, Aries and the Star, and Aquarius are all pioneers, ahead of their time, speaking truth, and often hated for it. But, anything beats the devil and corporate, in my opinion.

You were sold a lie, and continue to be sold a lie. But the devil can not force, he can only tempt. And you, at any time, can decide to empower your self, educate your self, put your health in your own hands, make decisions that align with truth, for what is actually healthy.

Like, for me: respect, love, honouring, supporting, understanding, respecting nature and natural limits for healthy function, etc all point to health. Force, shame, guilt, violating the body, preventing normal healthy processes, etc all point to illness.

You get to make your own choice. Understanding ancient wisdom, for me, is helpful.

Don’t be a sheep, and don’t rely on the system. You are better than that, and it’s not fair to anyone for you to do any less than your best.

The system is broken because you are not doing your part. Stop waiting to be saved. No one can save you, but your self. Support your kids to remember who they are, and to stay empowered! Find your truth and have the courage to walk it!

Love, Bless, and Strong, now and always.

Alahnnaa Campbell

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