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Continuation from yesterday’s article

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Yesterday’s article was very hard for me to get out. Every time I made an edit (I often edit multiple times after a release), I would lose previous edits. I never know if this is a coincidence (of a computer glitch or upgrade when I am working), or if the tech is shutting me down, because of what I am trying to say, by their hand or by spirit’s.

In any case, I left it as is, when it got to the point of having the most important pieces, with some flaws. I just had to accept, and let go, such is life, and maybe, such is spirit. My kids needed me, and I needed to self care, to let go of the imperfections.

I realize, in thinking about yesterday’s article, my point was: if you cater your life to the right foot (anger, toxins, things we don’t need, fighting), you starve your left foot (balance and life purpose).

This morning I got to witness my 6yr old and 2yr old wake their dollies and express their desire to get dressed and have breakfast, it’s small, but in comparison, when my son was 4yrs old, I couldn’t even describe what he liked to play with, because he spent all of his play time in programs.

Here is a video that did not make it into yesterday’s article, because I didn’t think of it, and because I don’t want to lead people down a rabbit hole of paranoia and blame.

But, I think it is important, for people to start to understand the long game of disempowerment, so they can understand why I am against the school system and the social system.

It’s great to support people, and to support families, communities, and maybe even societies. I happily pay my dues, but good people in a bad system (because they don’t know how to serve outside of the system), turns many of us against good people and our selves, because the blame is deferred to the rules, instead of our own personal power and moral compass.

I think a lot of people believe, the only way to survive this life, is to follow the maze, to gain the cheese at the end, which is a trap in itself.

$1,000,000 in the bank means nothing if money means nothing. What matters is your skills, and your ability to serve others, because that will result in their willingness to serve you.

I continue to observe the choices of others, many things I thought I would never do, but it is good to know those options exist and are valued. As I continue to do, what they may never choose to do. Respect and love. I learn something new every day, which I am grateful and humble for.

And, on the topic of 218 genders, well, even the Tarot deck ends in a child who has both genders: the world.

We are supposed to heal polarity through unity, why not live multiple forms of your self in one life.

My only hesitation is if it was planned, through the hormones in the food and the education system, to try to make us anyone but our selves. Especially if it leads to surgery and hormone taking, to stop the natural processes of life and development. Some say the goal is to make us infertile. But maybe infertile means: not able to create our own life path, and that, to me, is a crime, against our selves.

We all try to stop the things we feel are a violation of nature, or of natural consequences, but who determined the rules? No name calling required.

They gee-emm-oh’ed the produce, so they could cover the crops in pest-tea-sides, they sprayed chem-trails/smart-dust, they put stuff in (and mistreated) the water, they filled the air with un-natural vibrations, they injected hormones, antibiotics, and other dr-ughs into the livestock, which runs through the earth/water, after it runs through us, they teach whatever they want in schools and mainstream media / social programming, without asking for permission.

And now they ask for permission, to go right into the nucleus of our cells and take the place of our dee-enn-eh, for how long, no one knows, and the majority of people said yes! Why?

The long game...

And we are all the backdrop for each other’s story.

So live your story, embrace your struggles, be grateful for the contrast around you, and honour how others embrace their life, if they are able to do so, with any form of unique consciousness.

As he says in the video above: the only way to stop any of this from the start, is to maintain your morality.

As a friend shared yesterday: being a parent, who’s older kids/teens still want to include you in their lives, requires the re-parenting of self, to allow what is their experience to be theirs, and our issues to be ours.

We have a lot of undoing to do, so we can see the truth and the lessons, learn them, and come back to wholeness.

I hope this lands well.

Sending love. 💕

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