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Demanding everyone, to force their cells to protect them, deepens the cycle of abuse

I watched the TED talk (imaged below) that is currently available here:

He offers a nice story. He was a nurse, he experienced the death of a baby/toddler who was missing the ability to produce a certain protein. He shares how his solution can replace the standard V, can-sir, and organ replacement protocols. He acknowledges that each of our paths to illness is different. However, by looking only at each person’s genes to create his therapy, he is forgetting about epigenetics (where our life experience and choices ultimately determine what genes will turn on or off).

When you remove a part of your body, due to can-sir or repeated illness, the issue doesn’t go away, it just goes deeper into your body, causing more and more havoc, until you listen or die.

We live in a society where most people want to do what they want to do, without listening to their unique needs and limits (especially that of their multidimensional bodies: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, social, and more).

If you work with ancient, spiritual, galactic, or nature-based wisdom, a good portion of the population will judge you as crazy or outdated.

I agree that some advancements in technology are good, and some have consequences that people don’t want to look at upfront, because they don’t want anything to stop their progress.

We could say it’s about money (or control), but that is too simple.

In short, we are all projections of source, all that is, here to have an experience, to expand consciousness.

Much like plants, who are projections from their original seed. If you cut the plant off from its roots, it doesn’t matter how much chemical food you feed it, it can not last that way (and be healthy and alive) for very long.

We need a constant exchange with the earth and the sky. We need to respect our limits and needs.

A desert plant can not thrive in a cold climate just because it wants to, even if you offer it gene therapy in order to be able to do so! Eventually the cells get tired of the violation (and abuse) and they fail to function!

Some people may be rightfully upset that this therapy is being seemingly forced upon them, in order for them to regain their freedom to remove a M, to travel, to run their business, and to live:

People forget that they always have choice!

You can change your life to be more respectful of nature and others.

A lot of what we used to do was not respectful of nature or others. We interact with too many people that we do not know. We force our children to go places and we fail to listen when they say no. We travel to places bringing our germs, and taking their germs home to others. We pollute the earth as we travel. We invade people’s mental and physical space with our opinions of how they should raise their kids, who they should strive to become, and how they should live their lives. And then we think a V (with embedded gene therapy) gives us the right to do this again?

I know people who have had a negative reaction to the V, they tend to be people who were lying to themselves, living a life out of alignment, where a negative reaction may help them (or others) wake up.

I know others who live a life out of alignment, but for whom a negative reaction would only fuel their fire, to manipulate others to be there for them, and their reaction is absent, or not severe enough to draw the attention they seek.

And in some cases, I am surprised by the outcome, but I do not know all, and there can always be a longer game, and a truck around the corner, that is planning to have a more impactful hit.

In the talk above, when he says “people take different paths to their can-sir”, he forgets that can-sir is just a red flag, and he is just looking at the shade of paint used to create each person’s flag to drive his treatment, instead of the path the person took, for their body to feel the need to raise the flag in the first place!

Again, we live in a society where “nothing is our fault, it’s just bad luck/genes”. But this is not true! We make choices! We deny our truth and our needs. Can-sir grows in an environment of chronic stress (lying to oneself) that is not dealt with, or because learning how to navigate can-sir is the life path that we seek.

In Soul Contract, there are 22 life lessons, and we choose which ones we want to experience in each lifetime. We are also born at the exact time and place, to have a ton of information available to us, written in the skies, to remind us of who we are here to be, what we would do best to allow for our selves, and how to support our unique evolution in this lifetime.

In the end, we have life lessons. They are inescapable.

We need to decide what we are going to do. Are we going to be kind to ourselves and others, or are we going to be mean?

There is only one path to health, and that is to be in alignment with self, with kindness, no matter how appalled you are by the actions of others.

Life is to be transcended.

Your cells store information. Don’t be distracted by the genes. Modern science can only see a fraction of the truth. Learn about your body, work with your body, decode your multidimensional truth.

Many people are incapable of listening right now. That is fine. The people who need to hear you, will.

I’ve been processing out illness and pain with Esogetic Medicine and chiropractic care.

It’s been fascinating, as what I am finally letting go of are issues that have been stored in my body for decades, that I am finally freeing my self from, allowing my body to heal, giving me more energetic freedom, in my life, in my relationships, and in my ability to express my self, and to be of service.

It’s interesting that both of these fields (and all alternative practitioners and body workers) are not allowed to have a voice in present day events. Especially given they understand the body more than anyone looking through a microscope, business plan, or political agenda. Everyone is entitled to sharing their unique perspective, and everyone is entitled to say what they no longer want to see or hear about.

Do what you will.

This can feel like ending times, but your choice can also transmute this, to feel like new beginnings.

I don’t know what your truth is and will be, only you know that for your self, if you can be honest with your self, and there is a lot of good (and terrible) support available to guide you, if you so choose.

Love, bless, and strong, now and always.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Support for Multidimensional Health

You Have A Life Plan (

MSc Psychology/Neuroscience

(Stress & Health)

Student, teacher, guide, and support.

I have no desire to control what you do, just to shine light on your options, so you can make a more informed choice.

From fear and blame to recovery and play!

No one survives this life, and no soul ever dies. It’s your choice how you want to live and die!

Illness, physical, emotional and social pain/frustrations are your opportunities to detox. Stop these processes with dr-urghs and Vs and keep all this garbage inside you and in your life. It’s your choice.

This is not about indifference, it’s about versatility and mastery!

Gene Key 16 sits at your low back, along with veiled Neptune. The unconscious/shadow/split-off side of your daily needs (the Moon). This is also the area of your body for proper partnership, with your self and others. To feel supported, to go out into the world, and be your self. The answers are available, in ancient wisdom, and in your body.

I do have one (or two) question(s): a flu V, clearing can-sir, and impulsing an organ to produce a protein it is missing a gene for, are all very different circumstances, for how long you want this protein production to go in for. If you dose 2 times per year every year, just for our present situation, how long until you exhaust the cells and fill the body with garbage? What happened to his belief that we are all different in what we need?

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