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Divine healing, the information field, and mental models

Updated: May 17

Reminds me how important divine healing and the information field can be for kids. Mostly because they shift our way of thinking about what they may be thinking, but also because it supports the reorganization of information.

I recently shifted from reading Brainstorm to reading The Extracellular Matrix and Ground Regulation:

I've been enjoying a revisit to what I studied for my Masters in Social Neuroscience, especially with my ability to do something about it using Esogetic Medicine. I recently bounced away, because I'm not really interested in mindfulness techniques, they bother me.

However, when I realized my youngest's behavior when she is stressed, is no different from my own behavior when I was "making piles but going nowhere" or what I've witnessed in my in-laws and parents, when they can't cope, and just go around in circles, collapse unable to function, or storm around, not being kind with their words, I see where my youngest gets this from, and it scares me. So I turned to a mindfulness technique, of following my breath, in is the wave coming onto shore, out is the wave going back to sea. It helped.

That said. I have clients who don't always get better. I try to set them up to be well, so they can take the next step, and they fall back into being unwell. I try to follow what the Medical Medium shares, that it's not their fault, they don't want to be ill, but I also see what waits for them in life, and wonder if their soul/body creates illness to avoid it.

This second book is helpful, because it speaks about the ground in which everything sits in. Which means "you can't get well in a chronically stressful environment". The majority of mainstream solutions are suitable only for acute illness, when the one thing is the problem and everything else can tolerate what you need to do to fix that one thing. They can not help chronic conditions, because the ground is the problem, not the cell. The ground can be fixed, but you need to know how, and when the ground is fixed, then even the cell is fixed, so applying the acute treatment, though it may be better received, may no longer be needed.

I will continue to watch what my clients choose to do, hoping they can guide themselves to what works for them, so that when they are strong enough, I can help, and until then, I just support and learn, where I can.

While this may not sound helpful or ideal, it just is. An honest reflection.

Too much mainstream bothers me, because they assume the same developmental model for all. While there may be certain trajectories, if I parent my children differently, when they develop, and where they end up, may be different too. That's my goal. To have kids who grow up to able to function better than the relatives, who may have contributed to (or show warning signs of the possible outcomes for) their vulnerable nervous system.

Going back to clients who don't get better, it may be that the methods I use are not right for them. In human design, we all have our own way to make decisions. We have to follow our strategy and inner authority, to get the experience we seek, so that our outer authority has something of value to share. Maybe what some clients need is just time to realize that they know what works for them already.

We want people to feel well enough to be able to engage with their life lessons, which means being able to enjoy a release from pain too. Doing it their way or doing it mine, doesn't matter.

I tried to explain to a client that we may not be able to "heal" her, because every card we pull, causes her entire house to collapse. Or more precisely, she gets better, but then she is gets worse again (a pendulum effect, she uses the energy gained to break herself even faster and harder than when she had less energy, much like how many people kill themselves after going on antidepressants, because before the antidepressants they didn't have the energy to take their life, but after the antidepressants they gain the energy to take their life, but not the insight to make a different choice).

Doing things her way (putting the effort in herself) may allow her to stay better for longer. While some of these methods may be "shove the problem deeper, I can't deal with it now" or "another short term win, to get me through this period of my life", or maybe it's "give me the strength to do what I need to do without breaking".

I didn't get into any of this to heal others physically. I have my experience and my opinions, things that I know, and things that I am learning. All I can do is be of service, to those who seek what I have to offer. And have the courage to keep learning what is of interest to me, regardless of if there are periods where I don't know everything yet.

This article may evolve over time, as I feel I am in the middle of something, not yet resolved.

The ground regulation book shares that homeopathy and acupuncture can have such a profound holistic effect because, instead of the lock-and-key bind-to-a-receptor approach of mainstream medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture alter the living medium (responsible for waste removal, nutrient distribution, and communication) that everything lives in.

As I was putting away my homeopathic kit, that I took with me on our trip, the thought occurred to me that "at least homeopathy acknowledges that they are working highly diluted poisons", far from mainstream medicine, which avoids such claims. Even though the vast amounts of side effects show that this is indeed the case, if your body is unable to detox, mainstream medication may not work and can cause a lot of damage.

This still doesn't mean no one should take it, people have to decide for themselves, what experience is right for them.

I've taken pain killers and antibiotics, when I felt they were needed (I.e,, when I induced the birth of my children or when a nerve was dying in my tooth and my tooth eventually needed to be extracted, the pain was excruciating and the risk was high), and I stopped taking it when I feel there was no need. I try not to take it for daily pain, that I use other means to try to understand and get through.

Medication is there for us as an option, may we never use it to the point that it does no good and only harm, and may we find other ways, before it's too late, and we don't have the energy and mental capacity to learn. This is my truth, it may not be yours.

I think the way I resolve this (for now) is to share with potential clients "don't come to me only for physical health, physical health will always be part of the equation, as I am a multidimensional health psychologist, and I am happy to show you what I do and connect you with the people who support me, but my path to health and your path to health may be different. Sometimes your health will make it hard for you to make progress with me, and sometimes your health will improve because of the work we do together, because when we follow our life path, more health comes to us. It is always up to you to decide what helps and what doesn't. I only want to support your journey when my support is supportive, and only you know that for yourself. It's your life."

It's interesting that a day after "resolving" this article, a client whom I have taken to see Master Yan and who has been on the fence about RestoreChi, even though she has seen amazing successes with it, reached out to me and said "using the tracks to address issues with my menstrual cycle and a bladder infection have made me realized that RestoreChi doesn't just clear symptoms, it heals the core issue". While this should have been obvious from the start, having a client take this discovery upon herself was beautiful. She added that she has now found the tracks (teas, and supplements) to help prevent her chronic severely painful and hard to treat sinus infections.

A second client, whom I lent the Dream, Love, and Earth Esogetic crystal discs for a couple of weeks, reported that for the first time in a long time she hasn't had a headache for 2 weeks, she is remembering her dreams, and she is responding to conflict, instead of reacting to it. She is also seeing a new chiropractor that she likes, and it is certainly a combo of all the work she is putting into this exploration too, that is contributing to her gains. So, it truly is, the right client, when they are ready, will find ways, to make these tools work for them.

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