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Every child matters?

To those who dose their kids with a V out of fear. To those who dose themselves with a V to gain or maintain access to things. The V sheds, it hurts the environment, it hurts others, it hurts kids. To those who do not respect the boundaries of children, who cuddle when no contact was requested, who feed when no help was needed, who enforce a M all day because that’s the rules...

Every child matters hurts not just because of what happened in the past! But because of what continues to happen now.

Parents drop their kids off at a place to be abused because they seek freedom. In the past parents were forced, they didn’t want to. Now parents also say “they are forced, they have to work, they don’t want to”.

Last year I refused to participate in orange shirt day, just as I refuse to participate in pink shirt day. Because I do not believe in blaming and shaming children, for the failures of adults, past and present. But this year, I will participate, so the adults see: Every child matters!

Kids do not wear orange to remember, they wear it to remind!

And you mattered too, when you were a child, and now as an adult!

Lets stop this assault, on the autonomy of self and others!


Below is also an important read, to remind us adults, to hold space for our kids to unfold, rather than to always try to teach them, or correct them. Because that is us trying to show off how smart we are, and what we know (or trying to prevent them/us from being judged/teased etc). Even laughing at kids for being “cute“ is not kind. If kids know they can come to us when they need help, they will do so, and otherwise, we can let them have their wins and discover on their own.

We choose our teachers, they don’t get to force teach us, at any age!

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