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Example of Esogetic Treatment for family of child with sensory processing, adhd, possible autism

Every situation will be different. I share this from my teacher's experience of working with a family where the child may have autism.

The mother of the child does the treatments herself, and the father of the child also needed considerable treatment, in order to shift to the person and father that he wanted to be. Here is their current prescription for this child (but as you can see from the slides, they tried other treatments before too):


1. Basic Bardo for the issue of not being welcome. Only stroke the lines and don’t use the points. Use Rose.

Treat 3x, once per week.

2. C7 Attachment clock for the rejection in the first three years of life from the father. Again, no points, just stroke Rose counterclockwise.

Treat 3x, once per week.

3. OGT DNA to address developmental issues.

Treat once per week.

4. Coordination Sunlines (see indications in the image below).

Treat as needed.

5. Icebreaker treat just by stroking the cross on the front of the thighs. Eventually you could add the points (but use Rose and Light Turquoise, because children generally do not need Grey treatment, and it could be too strong for them).

Treat 3x, once per month.

6. Mesenchyme Rhythm with Vogler Cross to address antibiotic residues showing in the mesenchyme on the feet via the Kirlian/EEA. Of course, for children, we do not apply brainwave programs, just the coloured light.

Treat once per week.

Image for treatment 2. is shown in a slide above. Here are images for treatments 1. and 3. to 6.:

I share all of this with you, not to breach copyright or confidentiality, steal work from others, or for you to somehow try these treatments on someone without knowing if it is needed or what you are doing, but to show an example of what is involved.

Each client's needs will be different, and their treatment plan will be adjusted, based on what works for them, in terms of relief of symptoms, and ability to treat (as we don't want life to be all about treatment, but about options).


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