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Father of epigenetics Dr Bruce Lipton’s opinion on a our current situation

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Just get C! Your immune system will build you far better immunity than any V ever could. Don’t sign that you are ok to be part of an experiment! Just don’t be part of the experiment! This is a sham! If they wanted you to be ok, they wouldn’t put you into a constant state of fear. Fear shuts off your immune function and your ability to grow and learn. 80% of people who get C will process it without the need for a doctor or H. If you have comorbidities, take all precaution. Life is paint by numbers in reverse, what you picture in your head, is what you break you down, to create chemistry, to support or harm your body.

I will add: Find people who experienced a bad case of C and what they did to get through it. Look for early selfcare treatment protocols. Get everything you think you may want to have on hand, including products and connections for help when you’re in it.

People who tell you C is nothing are not helpful, because it may not be nothing for you. Build skills. Find someone who understands tinctures and vitamins and how to source good quality, who can access IVM and show you how to dose it. Having some TCM skills on hand, or anything that helps move symptoms through (like extreme head pressure, body pain, congested face, extremely painful cotton ball dry sore throat, that radiates into your eyes, ears, and heart, wet cough, pains in liver and spleen, engage the kidneys to increase saliva in the mouth, keep blood and lymph moving, especially draining lymph from the head and chest, strengthen the lungs, generate vital energy, get the organs to support one another and work well together) seems to help.

And please remember, opting to get C is to avoid having to take the V, which is far more risky! So don’t get C and then take the V too, that is just stupid!

Here are some random things to start your collection of useful items:

Dear Doctor Informed Consent for_IVM_and_FLVUSE for COVID

Comparing SARS-CoV-2 natural immunity to vaccine-induced immunity: reinfections versus breakthrough infections.

Sending love.

I can not hold liability for your choices, no one ever ever ever can.

But I can encourage you to stop acting like a victim and stop lying to your self and others. You are not helping anyone by turning your self into a bio wep-on that constantly makes dangerous spyke pro-teens and brews k-ill-him/her bacteria under your M, and kids can not learn when put into a constant state of fear! Empower your self with knowledge, wisdom, tools, connections, courage, love, and support. It’s time and it’s all around you.

If you’ve taken the V, this might also be helpful.


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