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Freedom fighters and Personal power

This is a story I have been wanting to share, from a book that is not for everyone to read, only those who are ready (use the page numbering to find the correct reading order):

The line that stands out most for me right now is: “You know that flesh and blood that may be butchered are not identical to life.”

On top of this, I want to add, the powers and lessons, from the movie Encanto.

First, there is the mother we all wish we could have had, who would see our pain and nurture us back to health:

Then there is the way our negative emotions truly are like a storm, that can have a far reaching impact on others, and the unfair pressure people put on us, to always emit clear skies, so they can feel better:

And, how we and our needs, are often not accepted for what they are, so we shapeshift to try to please, and often over dramatize to be liked, or to simply get the second helping of food that we need to grow:

We all know that kids hear everything, and it can be incredibly destabilizing to hear all, but only be able to share what we know, if we are asked:

Even strength and beauty are a trap, because neither allows for relaxation and truth. Nature is wild, unpredictable, and needs to be a fun experiment of trial and error, you can’t control or pin it down, and strength needs to rest:

Mirabel simply puts it all together, because those who can see it, full and complete, who try to share what’s coming with others, with no hope of them saving themselves from their fate, are hated and outcasted, because no one likes change, and we all want to feel like victors of our circumstance:

And this little guy, my guess has always been, that those who have the luxury to study animals must have had a very easy childhood, but, in truth, those who work with animals, often do so because they have more trouble with humans, and, I’m not here to hide with the animals, I’m here to see what I can do about this human stuff:

So, what I can do, is not much. Because the situation is always the best teacher. I can plant seeds to be remembered, to be used in the next life, or the next chapter, if they are ready. But, that is all.

And, in the meantime, I can remind people, that children ask for rules to be changed, adults lean on their social skills and integrity to navigate their life. There are good rules, rules that do no harm or that we can accept and live by, and others that we work around. This is called being an adult. We are not children anymore, we don’t need our curfew changed. We need parents to guide us when we are incapable of holding our selves to a higher standard, which appears to be most of us, who would rather lie steal and cheat, because of the way we were raised, hoard and compete to survive. But, we are capable of more. We are capable of kindness, and reason, and self respect, as well as respect for others.

Sending love 💕. Hope this helps.

You don’t have to fight for freedom, because it is already yours. You are free to choose: peace or war, kindness or revenge, create or destroy, hoard or have faith. ❤️🙏💪

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