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Giving new meaning to the statement “I am a unified field of light”

Italic are my added thoughts. And I indicated which sections I edited or paraphrased, for clarity. The rest are direct quotes from the transcript.

Esogetic is health via the integration of connecting people to their esoteric flow of information, and supporting the energetics of life in the body. (paraphrased)

Our bodies are made up of light, but also they respond and can heal with light.

When cells lose their capacity to store or receive coherent light, then the tissue is ill or it will become ill.

Even autonomic response testing is really looking for coherent light emissions from the body, and whenever a part of the body is sick, diseased, or unwell we are finding stress

that demonstrates that there is incoherent light or even lacking light emissions.

Even if you think about light, it increases the light activity in the brain. We want to keep our system (multidimensional body pathways) open, so it has access to this coherent unified field.

To look at people's unified field of light, Esogetic Medicine has an energy emission evaluation techniques, based on a Russian Kirlian machine. This machine creates a charge with a dialectical plate, that measures the molecules coming out around the fingers and the toes. And this gives an incredibly nuanced picture of many levels of information, and can be in a way mimicked using other diagnostic techniques. (edited)

To activate and support a coherent field between the subtle field, the energy field, and matter. (edited)

On one level, obviously, when people come for a session, they bring the symptom, which is the block in the matter of the body, and this is real, and needs to addressed. But then, you can also track out, to see how systemic these things are. For example, you can see the whole somatic experience of the child, including the formation of their attachment system with their parents, starting all the way from conception through the gestation period, the birth, age three, age six, age nine, age 12, how that then also blocks the child's access to their own information. So, for example, if people go through experiences of abandonment, abuse, violence, or they were born in Vietnam, during the fall of Saigon, the mother was running to get out of Saigon at that time, the shock to the child, all these different traumas, wars, etc. (edited)

My side comment: my dad was born in the field in Vietnam, at gun point by a Japanese soldier, long before the fall of Saigon. His mother took her life 4 years later, leaving behind my dad and his two younger brothers, when her family of origin and husband fought over her like property, about where in Vietnam she should live. According to Wikipedia, Saigon Fell on April 30th 1975. I was in utero in 1977, and, by the time I was 2yrs old, my mother took us away from my father, because she could not accept that he felt it was up to him to save his large family of origin, who were trying to flee Vietnam, some via dangerous and traumatizing pirate ships. All of this was unconsciously imprinted in me, and my kids. Not to mention all the baggage from my mom’s side, and then my own interpretations of life…

Those then have an impact on the development of the brain, and when you have disruptions in the development of the brain, that transfer of information from the subtle field via the brain, which is the switch board (for getting information) into the body, gets disrupted. So, we look at this interesting dynamic between what we call the physical and the psychological focal intoxications, to see how these aspects are entrapping each other. And when look at this pattern, you can see exactly where to go to kind of work with the locus minoris, to open everything up and create flow. Supporting the flow via the photon field is how we initiate regulation. (edited)

Chronic pain is a horrible illness for people to have. We know in the mid-brain, for example, has memories stored in clusters of intensity. So, every time you have a certain frequency of shock and trauma, these get clustered together in your mid-brain. What they've discovered is that if someone has a lot of early trauma, and then they also have very serious pain incidences, these things wire together. So, what we can do, via this patterning diagnostics, is look to see if we can release some of that background trauma and uncouple some of this large ball in the mid-brain, to get the system flowing. Then we can find a way for the person to have some internal sense of space where some healing energy can start to happen with the pain. (edited)

According to Esogetics, there are three primary categories of energy. One is endocrine, which represents functional states of dysregulation. One is toxic, which represents inflammatory infective conditions. And there’s the idea of a therapeutic progression, that if you don't regulate the autonomic (endocrine) system, then it moves into states of chronic inflammatory reactions in the lymph (toxic), which can then move into more tissue and cellular changes, (which is the 3rd category; degenerative). One thing about energy medicine is it can be very fluid. People can move from one category to another. Although, usually when people are more seriously ill, it doesn't move. There's this therapeutic rigidity. (edited)

With something like insomnia, that tends to be an endocrine issue.

We treat and then reassess, to see if we are moving the information (stuck energy), and going in the right direction, and adjust our treatment accordingly. (paraphrased)

Through the research of Fritz Popp, we know that quartz crystal can absorb and transmit information. So it can access this biophoton field. It can support the transfer of information in this biophoton field because all quartz crystals emit a form of an EMF field so that allows us to be aligned to the subtle fields. And this is just the actual structure of a quartz crystal, the molecular structure because of its six-sided hexagonal shape, it has this infinite holographic geometry, which is the quality of this unified biophoton field.

We (also) have other really beautiful large crystals that work with psychogeometry, just by their cut, shape and size.

We were talking about brain formation, and how, if we have a disruption in regulation of the brain, information can't transmit between the body and the field. When we lose coherent communication the Esogetic brain wave devices (that work with beta, delta,

alpha, theta, and gamma waves) can create or support coordination in the brain again, to open the flow of information.

The reason we need to use colors is because the body gets dysregulated, and what the colors do is they go in and they access those area, because each specific color corresponds to a specific wavelength and frequency. When you get a very complex disorder, you need to get to a very specific track in the brain, to activate the hormones and release the chemicals needed to change that frequency. Just like (balancing) the five elements from all traditional medicines, we work with three complementary color pairs, the red-green, purple-yellow, and blue-orange, plus turquoise (and then also soul spirit colours for 4 of the 5 elements; crimson/fire, light green/earth, light turquoise/air, and rose/water, and 3 shades of grey). Red works on the blood circulation, and certain types of chronic cold pain. Green is anti-inflammatory and anti-infection, extremely calming and also good for pain. Each of these colors also has a very powerful psychological effect. Red-green is very helpful for those degenerative states. Blue-orange is more for the hormonal-endocrine-emotional loop. Chronically depressed people, can just wear orange glasses, sometimes just for up to 15 minutes per day, and this can raise their mood. You can even help people give up coffee using orange glasses, because this colour addresses that heavy exhaustion state. And then yellow-violet works on the lymph and the limbic brain, as I was saying, all the trauma, memories, and then the digestive system. So we have these three primary pairs that we apply to acupuncture points, because as you know acupuncture points are like emitting and like receiving transmitters of light. So colours allow us to work with the details. (edited)

Mae-Wan Ho talks about the acupuncture-meridian system as almost like this fiber optic system in the body, that is a light conductive system, a communication network, where light is an information carrier in the body. (edited)

It’s an art to really understanding the hierarchy of information energy, the brain and

the body, and then understanding which devices to use to support whatever you need to transfer.

The grey rods are for when you have somebody who's very therapy resistant, you would say it's as though they looking in a mirror with their eyes closed. The mirror is recognizing the information, but the person is not getting it on a physical level. For example, elevated liver enzymes. The grey rods, in a sense, are almost like putting a jumper cable on a car. We open the block, using the grey rods, to the information field, and then we use these various brain coordinating devices to support that transfer of information through the brain into the body. It’s not random, the founder of Esogetic Medicine (Peter Mandel) created all these different devices over many years, I've watched him, and I've seen how he has this capacity, to get this very nuanced movement going through the system. (edited)

You can do a lot of work with scars and the light. You could use the green initially, to go all around the scar in a sewing pattern, because green is anti-inflammatory and anti-infection, this will bring down all the swelling. Then you can use the Esogetic non-visible infrared pen, calibrated at 950nm to go in and hit the cell wall/nucleus to get the bio-photons moving again, and then healing can start to happen. And then, way later, you can use turquoise, which will open up the subconscious, to release the physical and psychological trauma. (edited)

Most people don't think of how a scar can affect their lymphatic system and fascial system, and how it can hold trauma, and of course affect the flow of information and energy in their body. It’s really an important piece of healing to open up flow in the body.

It's interesting what you're saying because I met one woman, very recently, who'd had five C-sections, and honestly, after that fifth C-section her marriage ended, and her body went into a very strange state of dysregulation, she gained a ton of weight, and after a weekend just working on her scars, I felt she was way more stabilized because it was just such a glaring block in her body.

According the founder of Esogetics, brain waves are initiated through the thalamus. The thalamus sets the rhythm of the brain in coordination with the pineal, which he says is then the portal to the zero-point field. If access to the zero-point field gets shut down, say, for example, with fluoride, fluoride is a really bad one. You can see it in the iris. They get these little white spots, calcifications in the pineal area. Then you're not getting that vitalizing information. and brain coordination goes off. In the background of all disease are dysregulation in brain wave coordination.

My favorite are the gamma therapies, which open that field of coherence in the brain. I use that to go to sleep every night, and it really supports me to feel better resourced and more creative.

You can test to see which brain wave is out of regulation, and which organ it's affecting and so on and so forth.

I love this idea that we need the brain to basically transmit the information from the field to the body, so it's of course a very important organ. And we see a lot of neurodegenerative disease and cognitive issues, obviously the rates of dementia

and Alzheimer's are going up, as well as neurological diseases in general. So, it's so critical to keep our brains useful for the health of our body.

Yes. Of course, there's all the focal intoxications or the toxins. But then also, as I mentioned before, the brain is not fully formed until age 25, and if you look at the brains of adopted children, who've

been left for the first year of their life and not touched, they find that their amygdala pit, that should be like a little spongy goji berry, is sometimes hard like a rock.

When you see people who are seriously ill, often what you see is this over-coupling of the heavy trauma, then they get a serious pain issue or something like Lyme, and the

system has already weakened, so the information transfer is already very poor, because of the shock to the brain through the attachment system, and then the person has very little resiliency to take on the resolution of external injury to the body. (edited)

I hope this is helpful.

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