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Happy Mother Mary Magdalene this year?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Every year around the holidays I try to not be the grinch. Watching everyone turn into commercial hoarders, drink, eat, makeup, dress up, and shop away their sorrows. This year, I think I am going to celebrate Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene, and the Christ Consciousness unconditional love that has literally seeded the earth and our whole wide humanity with their blood.

So often we focus only on the cute newborn and their potential and completely ignore the woman who grew the child of her own flesh and who will spend the next 20yrs raising them!

This beautiful book outlines how Mother Mary can guide us to use our heart and Mary Magdalene to use our voice/power. And many other cross culture goddesses, to use and build our chakras/kundalini:

While this may seem disconnected, I’ll share it here until it finds a better home.

In this episode of “This Is Us”, the veteran who was drafted to go to war against his will, who’s family life was destroyed as a result, makes a gift for his namesakes, and takes the V to be able to fly across the country. After his 1st dose he says “there’s a 2nd dose?” and after the 2nd dose he is shocked to hear that he still needs to wear a M and wait 2wks. At the airport, he has to destroy the gift he took weeks to make, because they are snow globes with more liquid in them than you are allowed to fly with. So, instead he gets his namesake John Grisham novels and says “this country is messed up with their rules right now”.

Listen to the vet! This world is messed up right now. Read the con-spear-I-see theories, where the gov-urn-ment, organized religions, and core-poor-rations lie to the people. Tension or openness in your heart and belly can detect truth. And this made me think of Mary Magdalene, the bloodline, the DaVinci Code. Power to the people.

Happy Mother Mary Magdalene. Dec 25th. No gifts or debt or lies needed. Just love, support, and gratitude. Mothers matter too! In this time, we mothers who know what matters, are rescuing our kids, and preserving their future. Supported by our men, whom we’ve have supported, for eons before.

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