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Here's an esoteric view...

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

In my previous article ("Hyper Kids? Stir Crazy Adults?"), I kept it as 3D (physical) or 4D (energetic) as I could, because that is how the energy flowed.

Now let's step it up to the other dimensions.

You are a hologram!

See this video for more:

An amazing quote from the video above:

"You did not create this world just to come here and say: This is lame, I want to go home!"

You created this world to PLAY in, but you must play with respect for all of life!

A lot of people talk about wanting to ascend, to reach up to their spiritual potential, but, in fact, what we need to do is clear all of the garbage out of our physical body, so our powerful souls can descend, and embody!

There are some great practitioners who can show you how. Some may not even know that they carry this gift. If this is something that is of interest to you, reach out, let's have a chat, let's see what your first steps are to EMBODY.

Because, you can only create on this plane if you are HERE! And you are not here if you are numbing out with entertainment, drugs, alcohol, or keeping yourself busy, so that you don't feel.

A lot of people seem to think we are home in order to wait for a drug or needle to come out to "save us all". That is balogna/baloney! (aka processed garbage!)

As always, you need to save yourself!

This doesn't mean you do it alone. This means you educate yourself, about yourself, you look at the options, you talk to the people in the know, you stop relying on others to save you!

I am NOT saying go outside and protest this virus (like some people did in Brazil), that is equally stupid and disrespectful to the people who are risking their lives to try to save others, without enough personal protective equipment.

Stay inside, and learn about yourself!

You are a 3D projection from a 4D space.

Positive Space Time (our physical 3D world) tends towards chaos, as we now know, we are in it! Negative Space Time (the etheric 4D world) tends towards order and health. This wisdom comes from Dr Charles T Kreb PhD, who does a lot of work with people on the spectrum to try to get them here! There is an entire wing of Divine Healing dedicated to this work.

The point of my share is:

There is so much more going on now than "a wait for a cure from the people in power". This is YOUR time to EMPOWER yourself! Find your true self, be here now, and then, you will not need a drug, which will only add further toxins to your body, for you to clear later on, to save you!

The universe is growing impatient with you/us.

The universe is actually just a higher aspect of you/us, saying:

"Hurry along, find your self, before they drug you down again!"

I hope this helps.

I have no time to respond to negative comments, nor do you have time to argue.

Love, Bless, and Strong, Now and Always.

This is just a Public Service Announcement.

ps. Notice how the video above was released in 2013? The time we are in now, is the delayed end of the Mayan calendar (Dec 21st 2012), see this post on my Instagram page for more on this:

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