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History, Her Story, Our Story

Clash of the Titans in 2021. One thing I always remember is my High School Films teacher saying there are only a finite number of plots for a story, and every story, is just a different combination of these same plots. Just like our Soul Contract, just like our Astrology, just like our Human Design, Gene Keys, and more.

I'm reading this amazing book:

The cover looks a bit grotesque, and it took me a while to start reading it, but since her previous book was so good (mentioned in my article Do you consider all the facets of what it means to support “international women’s day”?), I gave it a try. And, I'll admit, there are parts in this book I wasn't sure I wanted to "own" in my self. Parts that maybe are not part of my story. But, how do we know?

In this book she speaks of various aspects of the Triple Moon Goddess. As I was starting to identify more with Medusa, who is by no means evil, one of my friends recommended I watch this movie:

As we know from Astrology, there are no good and no bad traits. We are all here to learn.

In the above movie, we see them skip a Medusa coin across the water, his-story/her-story/our-story repeats itself, until we capture the lesson! As you see in this article: What is esogetic medicine?

While the book above speaks of the triple moon goddesses, the three brothers in this movie Zeus (aka. Jupiter), Poseidon (Neptune), and Hades (Pluto) are no different. You will also see in this article strong links between myself and my husband (Poseidon): Neptune is in Pisces - Run the grids. Also with a feature of the Triple Moon Goddess (maiden-mother-crone, of which Athena, mentioned in the movie above is maiden, and Medusa is the only mortal of the 3, crone).

I find it interesting that Poseidon is not featured in this film, unless he is veiled, as Neptune usually is, in the Kraken, the water, the unconscious. Not a child of Hades, after all, it is our unconscious that undoes our best efforts, it is the mediator between spirit and form/manifestation (in Esogetic terms). Interesting that Kraken is also a form of crypto currency, with many people flocking to that for safety. Right or wrong, I do not know.

Did anyone else notice, it is the unconscious/veiled Poseidon who violated Medusa, and it is her head who finally puts an end to the Kraken’s life. Justice is served?

And this brings me to my point. We have people who want the V, great, take it. We have people who don't want the V, great, don't take it. And then we have many in the middle who are "doing their research", but where are they researching? Outside of themselves, in the data, on the news, through here-say? Why not through nature, through health, through their bodies, through myth and legend.

For me, it's all about health. What aligns with health, what aligns with nature, what is kind to our bodies, let's do that. The reason I teach and study astrology and started the Astrology Truths page is, this is a good way to bring people back to truth, to nature, to what can guide them, so when they stray, they can come back and find center/foundation/truth again.

Medusa is very misunderstood, she scares people away, turns them to stone if she must, because she was hurt, violated, and you know, that is all of us.

In the end, as much as this is becoming a world I don't want to live in, that I don't want to raise my kids in, I do have gifts and knowledge, and I can support those who seek to love them selves, and their kids, and that is worth something. It is why I am here. No matter what you do to your selves. I will always have to put my health and the health of my kids and husband first. But, if you can pass beyond that threshold, and you seek to learn about your self, to set your self free, to find the god and gifts within, that is all I can do in this time - support you to be free, its our best chance, in my opinion.

One willing soul at a time.

God projected many versions of him/herself down because he/she knew not all of us could pass through initiation.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the movie:

Don't forget, they tamed the Scorpion in order to ride her. We are entering into the cross of the Sleeping Phoenix. The Phoenix is the highest aspect of the astrological sign Scorpio. The ONLY sign with three levels (Eagle in the middle), just like the Triple Moon Goddesses and Titan Brothers, above. We can be the Eagle.

Women and children should never be sacrificed for the continuation of greed and entitlement. We are not entitled to violate nature, just because we don't want to go back to living in harmony, within her natural limits, respecting all of life.

There is love in all of us.

Love, bless, and strong, now and always, FireBirds!

Alahnnaa Campbell

Guide to Conscious Living and Multidimensional Health

Certified Practitioner of Esogetic Medicine

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