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How does a spiritual psychologist get into physical detox? Because it’s all the same!!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

This article is in the process of being edited...

At a high level, there are two ways to detox: 1) remove the sludge from the bottom of the bucket, and 2) pour the lighter stuff out of the top of the bucket:

…while these pictures aren‘t a perfect replica for my words, you get the idea.

While we used to have a RestoreChi Sledgehammer team, Master Yan realized that removing garbage from the bottom of the bucket can impact those around when the process is being done, and this does not teach the body how to do this for itself. So, this process has been replaced with the StemTrack, which, in essence, returns the client to their original conception energy, and teaches their body where to send excess fire, water, and sludge, to be processed and exited from the body when there is build-up. While the results are less dramatic for the recipient, and Master Yan often has to apply tweaks in person, as there are so many unique ways that life can disconnect us, the potential for healing resides in the higher dimensions, if we can find a way to align with it, so it can drop into our physical reality.

Ozone saunas and other forms of detox tip from the top.

Both are good and needed.

There are also RestoreChi water cards which have multiple uses. Including creating hot baths that draw out dampness (think of the sludgy neurotoxins, dermatoxins, and viral body casing that gunk up our organs and eventually lead to all kinds of chronic illness labeled as autoimmune or cancer):


…what I find fascinating is:

If the RestoreChi water card can restore GMO fruits and vegetables to their original organic state (because, even altered DNA maintains its potential, to return to its true and healthy form), and if it can remove the negative emotions felt by the cook as he/she prepared your meal, simply by placing it under your food for 15 minutes, then, there is good in all of us, that can be restored:

You can even place it under water or shampoo, to help it penetrate deeper, and be a stronger cleaning agent, without any added chemicals, in fact, it’s possible the unhealthy chemicals are purified...

My point is, we are heavily impacted by what we put in, and what we allow to stay in our bodies:

…and we are the result of what we are able to take out.

Below needs editing, you can stop reading here, for now...

Whether it is good or bad memories that we hold onto and rehash or fail to process, or food or toxins that we can’t process because we are too gunked up.

I went for a lymphatic massage on a seqex mat just over a week ago, and within days I had what looked like internal bleeding under my tongue. Turns out, if the colour were black it would be a sign of radiation, but because it was purple it was a sign of healing, see

In any case, this allowed me to take the opportunity, to try to support something inside me to get out. Which also allowed me to clear trauma from my childhood, which is stored in our body as chill which lets in the dampness. Which is the same as viruses creating body casings and neuro/derma toxins, which cause serious illness, which we claim “came out of nowhere”, but it didn’t.

It hurts us to do this. It hurts us to feed this.

Whether it’s with our social programming, news, mainstream education, gossip, entertainment, lack of engagement in life while simply watching others do life, or eating foods that the viruses inside of us like to eat, which make it worse (including chemicals we are not supposed to eat, but we likewise do, through our breath, skin, or literally because they are in or on the things that we eat).

They say they GMO food so it can be more hardy, so it can withstand non ideal weather and being sprayed with pesticide, so, that means we are eating pesticides, something an organic plant would have died from, in order to protect us from eating it.

The scientists, much like the ones pushing technology forward, have tunnel vision. They think they are barreling towards good with their progress, but, if they had a wider view, and more confidence in others to be able to understand and offer valuable input, for a more complete and conscious solution, maybe we would go slower, but in a better direction, and be able to turn, before we all hit the brick wall at a million miles an hour.

I know, no one wants to ask permission, because no one likes to be told “no” or “let me think about it” or “here is something you didn’t consider”. It sucks to be slowed down, to lose our momentum, or to be asked for more, when we already drained our selves to produce what we‘ve got. But, the outcome is better if we allow for this...

So, this gets me to fault.

It’s not your fault, many like to say, but others (who are tired of your illness) like to say it is.

If it’s not your fault, and you can do something about it when you know more, then, is it your fault, that you are not doing anything about it, when you know more (or that you refuse to listen to know more, because then you know it becomes your fault, and you can’t handle that)?

Or does it just become your choice? You know something is bad, but you do it anyways, for whatever reason, mostly laziness, which is at times self-care (respecting your limits).


I initially started to go for ozone sauna, and many other services at because I had a severe reaction to the new iPhone my husband bought me, which had fhive gee enabled, hence my comment at the end of the post above:

As some of you may know, we now own a Tesla, for many reasons. And, it allows me to be very mindful of not only how much I use it and deplete the earth, but, how much I use it and deplete myself. And, how much self care I need to do, to be able to expose my self to that amount of distortion in my vibration.

Nothing was ever not there, it was always there, the volume is just turned up higher and the consequences are faster, so we learn better.

We are here to support each other, to thrive, to live a good life, and to give back. I don’t know what many focus on, but, I focus on helping people live their best life, by detoxing them of their multidimensional garbage, and showing them a perspective of what is going on, which allows for choice.

We do so many things without knowing better, then we know better, and we have choice. And, I’m ok for people to choose to do nothing and remain by choice ignorant. We are not here to change others, but to see how they do it, try to have compassion, with no attachment to their outcome, or even certainty that we know better. Because often we don’t. Only by each following our unique truth, do we get to see the whole, and, that’s the point.

I don’t like to suffer, apparently no one does, and this is why we all make the choices we do. And I look at the reasons behind, so, we need not force others, just have compassion, give the odd nudge, or approval, or understanding, which allows space for choice. Without choice, we are victims. And, that is not a mindset I subscribe too. Especially when kids are involved.

Sensing love, and I hope this helps.

Oh right, and, what’s cool about the ozone sauna, you may think, oh, ozone is good for us, yes, maybe, but, it’s also good for others, because, what we release is toxic, but, if we release it in an ozonated environment, then the toxins are killed. Which is why we can breath in ozonite (ozone that has passed through oil to make it safe, also available at and have it run in through our ears and other places, to kill infection inside.

Makes you wonder why the earth is surrounded by an ozone layer. Which they claim had a hole in it, and that we were in danger from the outside. We don’t hear about holes in the ozone much anymore, maybe because the ozone layer is not there to protect us, but to protect the universe from us.

We are a violent species, many of which believe in greed, hoarding, and blood sacrafice (punishment, an eye for an eye, lawsuits, ownership, and war). And many have said “our planet is in quarantine, until we learn to be kind”.

I find it cool, how we use the earth to heal ourselves, and how this heals the earth too.

Here are some images to ponder:

We are gifted with this beautiful marble to live upon, which is alive, and interacting with us, in a universe that is likely also alive, and communicating with us. And, in Esogetic Medicine, we use UV light to address chronic issues, to understand why we have these issues, so we can let them go. So, is UV good or bad?


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