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I think I finally get it, I’m not sure I can do it justice, but I’ll try!

I’ve known for a long time that we can’t save everyone, and in fact, I only get the information when I am intended to get the information, and it is not my responsibility to get it any sooner.

This is because:

Many people say we are about to experience a pole shift. The last time we experienced a pole shift many people did not survive, and we are grateful to the vultures for taking them!

A tree can not flourish if you allow the dead weight to remain:

As with Einstein, I am also gifted with a well placed moon:

Putting all this together is “child’s play” for me. All I need to do is remind spirit: “I am currently human, I have self care needs, and limits”.

According to this 2016 book:

In 2016, we were all here, and since, all the versions of our selves, not destined to make it, have been dropping away.

We are multiple projections of the same monad:

Not all versions of our selves will make it. Only those who can pass initiation. This is why I only get information when the time is right. And I was given this Disney show to watch today (I am only 1 episode in, but it is a must watch, at least that far!):

These 4 orphans have empathy and seek truth, and that can save the world!

I see these groups pass my home all the time (kids holding loops on a string, masked adult at the front and in the back):

I ask my kids if this ^^ is what they want, compared to the co-creative school we attend, which describes their line of walking kids to be more like this:

Where everyone has a purpose and a role, for self expression and serving the whole. And where the staff are complimented on having well mannered kids who carry their own bags!

What do we need to build a sustainable future?

Back to the opening photos: the world can’t wait! There are innovators and early adopters, and the rest have to go! We can‘t save the earth and the kids if we wait for the rest of them.

Nature is always perfect and impersonal, like the 10th planet: Eris. It will do what it has to do, because enough is enough!

As my 9yr old says: the brown tree on the left is Ved, the green tree in the middle is not (because it is smart, his words), and the tree on the right (with some brown) is V injured from the Ved shedding what their body is trying to detox out (poison):

Eating a curry roti taught me: detoxing isn’t always fun, but those who can, do, on behalf of the whole:

In our family unit, we have 1 person born under a new moon, 2 under a 1st quarter moon, 1 under a waxing gibbous moon, and 1 under a last quarter moon:

So, between us, we have the energy for something new, to understand the struggle of letting go of the past, gunning for enlightenment, and ready to cut ties with that which does not work.

In short: we can, so we do!

How about you?

Are you dead weight, waiting to be cut free, or do you have some health in you, willing to contribute to a better future, for our kids and the earth?

Money doesn’t matter, where we are going, friends.

ps. I know, some will say “but we are not dealing with nature here, this is man made”. If you take a step further back, you will see, even that is part of the simulation, part of the initiation. We ALL need to shift and change and grow to create a better world. And when you do, even the unthinkable shifts in unexpected ways. We are all here to learn, and everyone plays a part to allow for our growth, as much as you may prefer to stay mad at them, if you do, you lose too!

To the people who treat us like garbage, and to those who accept our choice, when we stand in our power: Thank you letting us see how powerful we are and can be, regardless of what you do to (or for) us.


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