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Is it time to shift our focus?

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

As I was driving to my chiropractor appointment today, it occurred to me, while we have all had our moments of kicking and screaming, resisting this process, we have reached a point where the truth is clear. Some have already jumped ship, to create a better world, and others linger behind to fight, or to try to uphold their reality. If this waking up process happened sooner or faster, we could all forget that this year happened. But it’s been a year, and the people who stood strong in the old beliefs are going to have to face being wrong. How can a school system and government continue to exist, without taking a good look at what they have done? We are all in for a humbling. Those of us who can, have been doing the work, to clear our ego, and find integrity, to understand clearly what we stand for, over the past year, or longer. Now we can hold space, for everyone else, to do so as well. If they so choose.

I’ve been sharing quotes from this book:

And I think this quote is very important!:

The people who cling to the old narrative may have had “western parenting” (no one’s fault, but it’s time to overcome it). The mainstream “tough love” may be ok with them, but even the Anu now admit, that they were wrong, and they hope we realize it, and course correct, or even they are doomed.

This book may be hard to understand, without some background knowledge. But, if it is understanding you seek, I am happy to guide, and hold space for you, to make the shifts needed, to course correct. And if you’re not interested in shifting, that’s ok too. Personal choice, free will. We choose our life, and our destiny!

Love, bless, and strong, now and always!

Alahnnaa Campbell

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