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It’s amazing how fast your life can improve, when you allow your experiences to guide you

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

I haven’t written in a while because our unVed family got C, potentially from a Ved person who wore a M for an extended period of time, and then came straight to our house.

According to a series I bought, the V has something in it, that when oxygen is reduced (say by wearing a M), then dangerous bacteria multiply, hurting the wearer and those who come in contact with them or their M, when it comes off.

Part of us contracting C was me expressing strep. I also expressed internal shingles at the beginning of summer, after having the child of a Ved person in our home.

According to the Medical Medium, strep and shingles are both the result of triggering the dormant veyerus ee-bee-vee.

And according to this video, one of the goals of the V, is to trigger dormant veyeruses, in order to increase your uptake of Vs, like this one, which convert the water in your cells, into something that causes ray-dee-eh-sean (like getting many many ex-rays until you‘re dead):

The V doesn’t just trigger dormant veyeruses, it also triggers old injuries, surgeries, and infections, including tooth repair, because each of these areas are trauma memory cells/pockets, waiting to reactivate when trauma comes knocking again, namely the V and the Ms...

I always wondered why the researcher below was looking at data from Japan. It turns out Japan is one of the few countries who actually cares about their citizens and health, and thus tested many if not all batches of the Vs they received, turning many batches away, due to dangerous contents, and demanding additional studies be done, the results of which, this brave researcher brought to our attention:

Did you know there is actually something called spyke dis-ease:

...and it actually may be more than the spyke causing dis-ease. But asking your body to produce the spyke, hurts you and others, and is not a great idea.

There are people who are learning how to turn this production off, but they also say, don’t take the V assuming you can just turn it off, because maybe you can’t!:

This article ^^ also shares, in a round about way, the nutrients and vitamins that people who succumb to C tend to be low on, so you can improve your ability to pass C through your body, by simply supporting your body to do what it needs to do.

I think we are all going to get C. Ved or not, it is best to do what you can to improve the health of your body, and to gain skills and connections to feel capable and empowered when your turn comes. Keeping in mind that C is much less dangerous now than it was before. It has learned to adapt, to be more reasonable, to get along, in order to survive, and we must do the same!

As double Ved people get C, and not from their unVed housemate (because they still test negative), you’ve got to wonder if this V even works?

The 5 most dangerous things out there are: the V, the Ms, fear, anger, and frustration.

Except, fear directs your instincts (I feel fear, I need to gain a skill or some support). Anger gives you the energy to draw better and firmer boundaries (I don’t spend time with people who are Ved, when my family opts to do so, I spend time building my understanding, so I can be of better service, to self and others). And frustration says: “slow down, you are missing something important!”.

I was frustrated that, despite my efforts, I couldn’t get some things I wanted, and this was because I was meant to embrace different experiences. I was also frustrated that I paid for something that was being given away for free, but then I reminded my self that this is ideal: I pay for their efforts because I can, and others who won’t or can’t pay still get access, because we all deserve to know, win win win.

Then life shifts, annoying things leave, and things that flow better come.

And now medi-cull doctors are referring people to my services, which then asks me to soften on the decisions people have made in fear.

But, I am not going to remove the articles that I wrote in anger at what people have done, because being willing to express our truth, to be seen, and to change, is all a part of healing, and I am strong enough to be that example of growth (which means being less good before) for others.

Two closing thoughts:

1) I’m not sure fighting to get into places where only Ved persons can go is such a great idea. There are also many employee/employers who adhere to the rules on the outside, but not on the inside, and this makes people, who don’t know the deeper story, feel more alone, and they too are in danger, as their clientele increases in V concentration. I don’t think people should be allowed to have employees or raise/teach children, if they are willing to put them in danger, in order to comply. Their lesson will come.

2) well, or I don’t remember two yet, but maybe I will, and add it over time.

I hope you are well. I hope you are waking up. We care about you, even though you don’t want to hear it.

Oh, and here’s 2):

When I was 15yrs old I got rid of our abusive step father. It was quite a shock that I was capable of doing so, because I had hoped it would happen for 3yrs and no luck, no balls on the part of my parents. But, when I got rid of him, I got blamed for the money he took from my mother, and the anger I expressed, at still not being held for my experience, was labelled as proof that I was just like this abusive man, and I felt to blame when I left my sister for my own survival, after literally killing my self and being sent back to life by my team, because the progress I had made, was useful for them in the future, I have never really gotten her back, as she moved far away.

Standing up for truth and my self, seeing that I was right all along, results in loss. But, it is still right!

I’ve also stood up to bully researchers who felt entitled to k’ill mothers, babies, and trigger their employees to develop bells paul-zee, and continue to mock them when they allowed their mother to care for them while they were sick. Interestingly this researcher studied bullying in the workplace. I took this to HR and they took it seriously, until they realized this researcher brought in 10% of their salary, and then my complaint became hear-say. Always follow the money.

Anyhoo, the moment I got the call that I was finally pregnant with our first child, I grabbed my stuff and left the office, never to return.

Just like as a teen, when I left a job, that I needed to complete a course credit, just because they asked me to pick smelly dead flowers, that were making me feel sick. I later graduated with 13 OACs instead of 6 and hold 3 university degrees. I never finished more, because I was never intended to be muzzled by academia. But!...

This is the beauty of our now time:

The intuitive people feel the wave first, voice it, and eventually the researchers, with the bravery to look and speak, show the science, that the intuition was in fact correct. And then the brave healers step up, to share what they have witnessed and to be of service, with what they know, to make it right.

And above is proof of the countries working together: Japan requests the data, Canada analyzes the results, and the US gives Canada a platform from which to speak. And here is the UK trying to help out Australia.

It’s good and hard times. From the belly to the head to the heart, we walk forward with conviction. And if we can transmute this, we can transmute anything (being lied to, our own trauma, generational trauma, collective trauma, finally stepping into our power and being honest with our selves etc).

While the people who care for kids, guide them.

Nothing else matters.

This is why being right and being supported makes me feel sad.

Not everyone can come, not everyone is ready, some continue to hate, but others see the truth in what you say, admit their own truth, and learn to also walk a better path, and that is what it’s all about.

We work together, we are honest, so those who are ready, can see that they are not alone.

And if you feel like sh*t reading this, maybe there is an opportunity for you to grow, just around the corner, just by being honest and kind and willing to change. You can do it! It‘s what we’re here for. You are never alone. And don’t make others feel like they are alone either, by hiding your truth.


Sadness is simply a request to ground, re-evaluate, let go, and be kind. And anxiety is a request to make time for you to process how you feel and why. Stop con-forming (building your life based on a lie) and start shinning, because we need you!

What we are experiencing today is proof that the way we raise and educate kids sucks!

Why do we think it’s ok to raise adults who can’t care for their health, don’t know their value, and can’t make decisions to grow and save their life?

This is the gift of C, to wake you up, because our kids are tired of this, and I am too, aren’t you?


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