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It’s both an honour and heartbreaking to be alive and awake in these times

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Although I have memories of tougher lives, where speaking the truth got you exiled, jailed, or killed, and some say this still happens nowadays, for me, this is an easier life, and I am grateful!

Unlike most people who love to be right, I’d rather be wrong some times, because being right just further confirms that what is going on is wrong, and yet it continues to go on. The story of my life... in fact I think we are all in the stories of our lives right now, as this is cleanup time!

And I think we are all right, if we are connected to our truth. We each have a unique perspective, that is right for us.

But we live in a world where people believe there can only be one right, and that everyone must do as we do. Why?

In the past few days I have been in shock:

1) because people continue to think forcing children to do things makes up for the past where they forced children to do things (insane to you too?)

2) seeing how sick people will allow themselves to become and they continue to collect illness, even though they have adequate support to get well

3) hearing this ongoing victim mentality that is literally programmed into us and our children (especially before age 7yrs), when Bruce Lipton confirmed in his talk yesterday that children are in a hypnotic state and they need to be able to see people’s faces in order to learn how to live in the present society, because this is how an egg, created 30-40yrs ago (when the mother’s ovaries were made), can know what to do, in order to survive now, and yet the world is masked, and we pretend like this is ok?

4) we continue to act like it’s us against the virus, us against each other, us against nature, and yet Bruce and Gregg both confirm that we are living in a garden, we are part of the garden, if we upset the garden, the garden gets rid of us! It doesn’t make sense for us to try to take on nature like we are better, smarter, or stronger, it’s idiotic. We haven’t even studied true nature, to understand the gifts, hidden in spiritual concepts. We need to work with nature and each other. In this video Gregg mentions nothing about masks, sanitizer, or vack-seens, just good old kindness to others and common sense. We can not stop it, it’s gone beyond the projected timeframe, we have no choice but to learn, change, or suffer. We are NOT going back to the way things were, and the “new economy“ is not about money, it’s about working together and sharing what we know and have! And I am so grateful, because the old way was so shallow, and we are better than this!

5) so many people talk about detoxing, when we get really sick, but how about not collecting the toxins to begin with? And the number one toxin, in my opinion, is poisonous thinking and conditioning. According to Human Design, the number one way that we condition each other is through food. Make everyone eat the same, disconnect them from their truth, gunk up their brains, and stop the development of our unique skills. These are my family’s choice meals for this morning, to each their own (it is not that hard to be respectfu):

6) also, for learning, here are our kids enjoying homeschooling, with support from the public school. In particular the second photo, where our kids are learning how to prepare asparagus: if you cut them all the same, you have crappy asparagus that is hard to chew, but if you break each asparagus at its longest length, where it naturally breaks on its own, you get optimal use and easy to eat asparagus. It’s the same with raising kids, take them to their limit, but not beyond. Yes, you often have to throw away more than you would like, and this is just like our present school system, and the way we are told to raise our kids:

It’s interesting, where we might have previously congratulated a parent who’s child became a doctor, or someone who got a high paying title in some major whatever, now my thoughts when I hear things like this are “I’m sorry to hear that, another soul conditioned, and lost, to the dark side”.

Finally, below is a quote from a familiar song, and I’ll close by saying: one of the best gifts my mother gave me, was to severely limit my TV consumption. I was thinking about my daughter this morning, and how kids want everything and we blame them for it, when they are not to blame, it’s the people who advertise to children who should be ashamed of themselves!

I never understood why people are so brainwashed, and unable to walk away from things that are wrong for them. I don’t have a victim bone in my body, and I think it’s because I never accepted the programming. I’ve never been like others, and I am grateful! But I hope more people wake up, so I don’t continue to feel like the only bad guy saying: we can’t keep doing this to our kids, to our selves, and to each other!

Most people do not realize there is a war going on right now, between good and evil, for our empowerment or the opposite. As much as I feel kids should have the right to choose in their own life, they are defenseless to the programming, and now is not a time to send your kids to school. It is time for you to wake up. In the end, evil can not win, but they will try, again and again and again, because they don’t know any better. And, in truth, evil is a caring person, who has been mislead.

To end this article on a positive note, in the talk above, Bruce speaks to how the mind can only affect the energy about a foot away from your head, but if you align the message from your head with the love of your heart, the energy can travel 12x as far, or more.

I don’t know how I got so lucky, to be able to raise my self-sufficient kids, and to know not to patronize them by thinking they need to be taught things they already know. It melts my heart to see them shine.

Look for this video (bottom right corner of this collage), skip ahead to 39min in, and remember who you are and how it feels to be spoken to with love:

Love and bless, strong family, strong light, now and always!

You Have A Life Plan

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