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It’s going to take a while, so it’s time to embrace your gifts and help!

Although I co-teach astrology with someone with a lot more experience than me (see all the planets in my 6th house: being of service and building skills through unequal relationships), in every class, I also learn something new!

Yesterday it finally occurred to me that (even in a natal chart) not all conjunctions are the same!

You don’t have to understand the fine details to get the big picture. We all get stressed and overwhelmed at first. Just keep reading, have some faith, that this is just an article, it can’t harm you, but it can help you, and if by the end you are inspired to learn, understand, or change, reach out. Otherwise you just shortchange your self, and that means you deny everyone else, of what you can truly offer!

Just before conjunction, a balsamic moon phase, is wise but out of energy, and has some regrets.

Just after conjunction, a new moon phase, is eager and full of energy, but has no idea where anything is going to go.

In 2020, we saw:

  1. Saturn conjunct and move on from Pluto, followed by

  2. Jupiter conjunct and move on from Pluto, followed by

  3. Jupiter conjunct and move on from Saturn, followed by

  4. the current Saturn closing square (3/4 of the way towards the conjunction) with Uranus (which will occur in July 2032).

The only time we have any clarity or perspective is from a distance (like at the full moon, opposition, phase).

I offer my natal chart:

For the conjunctions in my 7th house of partnership (equal relationships); Mercury is ahead of the Sun, in a new moon phase, but the Sun and Mercury are coming up to Uranus in a balsamic moon phase.

On the opposite side of my chart I have the moon at my ascendant, chiron in my 1st house (who I am), and my north node in my 12th house (what I have grown wise about).

Through these three lenses (moon: clear intuition, chiron: wounded healer, and north node: who I used to be) I funnel my perception of all the major planets on the setting side of my chart, and I share them with you.

My Aries south node on the left and Libra north node on the right says: I know you can do this all by your self, for your self, but please go help all of them too, or in this life, it doesn’t count!!

Take it or leave it. I don’t mind.

We all have gifts and we should be using them! We are in multiple new cycles and we’re closing a major cycle, we are both blind and wise.

Please don’t be foolish!

The planets didn’t set all this up just for a V or for us to try to avoid being controlled, it’s bigger than all of that!

We need to decide how much we each want to play into the planetary energies, and how much we want to let go, and tune into what is needed for these new and closing cycles/times.

In (my) truth, we are here to understand how to work with our bodies and the earth.

None of us came to earth to make a pile of money, to puff and defend our ego, to scam the system, or to control others.

We came to see what skills we can master, to move forward in our soul evolution, and to support each other, because we are one. A win for one is a win for all.

This whole setting up new money systems to me is crazy. Money has no value, even backed by gold. You, your kids, your connection, your alignment, you mastering your skills and your ability to be of service, is all that matters!

Learn to work with your body, it is the only thing we have here that we do not have when we cross over.

And, as I am a walk in, with two natal astrology charts, it may be worth noting, that this allows me to experience Uranus opposition (original soul entry into this body 43.5yrs ago):

...closely followed by Saturn return in my 1st house (responsibility and building a lasting structure is who I am; walk-in soul entry to this body 28yrs ago):

Usually Uranus opposition and Saturn returns are experienced at least 14yrs apart.

Using this life to experience two souls in one body and teaching people to understand their bodily symptoms to guide them in life, yup, I think I am using my time here wisely!

Given that we are currently experiencing a closing Saturn (responsibility to the old ways) square with Uranus (break free from the mainstream to build something new), the balance in my charts, not to mention the age of my children (young enough to be kept out of the current system), serves.

I have the perspective to be able to build a new (Uranus opposition) and the conscience to make sure it’s a structure that can stand the test of time (Saturn return, my Ts and EYEs will be crossed and dotted)!

Do you understand your gifts?

Because if you don’t, I can pretty much guarantee whatever you’re spending your time on now doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of why you are here, and this will cause illness, mental/emotional breakdown, and death, because souls don’t really like to waste their time, in lives focused solely on greed and control.

We are masters here to create, support, love, and grow.

Wishing you all the best ❤️

Alahnnaa Campbell

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