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It’s time to stop paying spiritual lip service to being open minded, and put our boots to the ground

The title for this article is a quote from the end of Regina Meridith’s Gaia TV show “open minds” with Gates McKibbin who brought through quotes like:

I have been closed minded, because I have been upset. Upset that so many people have done and continue to do something so mindless and so selfish, that harms others, especially children!

Other quotes in the video above were about personal freedom and equal opportunity (you need both to keep the other in check), freeing the slaves was not enough (many still treat the people they pay like they own them, they don’t, we are empowered beings, if we choose to be).

It makes me sick to see well off people M up and travel, while hard working caring people continue to try to lay the ground for a sustainable future, both food and children. I don’t trust the school system to do anything good this year, as they haven’t the last and continue to push families to k’ill children with the V. So self centered, so many of them.

I could feel empathy for them, for how they were brainwashed. But it’s hard when they are wep-on-eyesed, both biologically and mentally, not to mention emotionally. And they think the only solution is to brainwash or shame us.

Health looks like this:

See the date? That is when I started to clean up my health! I didn’t wait until something in a vile became available, because that is not health!

As they share in the video, free access link above: this planet has always been an experiment in free will.

Free will to be kind and considerate or not. Most people appear to be not, they just want for them selves, but more people could be kind.

I never took to history, news, or politics in school (or this lifetime, until now) because it was never taught from the heart, only from the manipulative mind by the manipulative system.

I will continue to watch for opportunities to be more open, to be a more humble leader. I can be arrogant, and this is the ground from which leadership can grow. One must have confidence to speak truth, and wisdom to show kindness.


The video that was shared with the quote above, could also apply to what was spent on the V (and all the song and dance around it). I believe they always knew what they wanted to put in the V and all the spending was just for show. I’m not really sure why anyone talks about paying anything back. Money is not real, if we abolish money, we level the playing field. Everyone pitches in or does it themselves, or they suffer. It’s a scary implication for people who are currently “sitting pretty”, but they had many opportunities to be kind before it came to this, and they were not.

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