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Juno, Jupiter, Salacia, Varda, Hygeia, Justice - navigating structure (Saturn) and freedom (Uranus)

I did a brief Esogetic Medicine assessment and healing yesterday.

I’ve received the message a few times lately: that I am tired of being of service by being judgmental, and my greater service may be through sharing stories of what is possible.

I am gifted, because I am given the connections I need, and I wish everyone were equally gifted, and they could be, but few invest the time to gain the knowledge, so that god/spirit can connect the dots for them. And then I’m in a conundrum: of doing for them, because I have the wisdom and access, which feels disempowering at times, because I think I am right, because I know more than the mainstream blah blah blah.

The point: in my healing, the two fingers that showed up as most sensitive (needing to treat) were Aries and Scorpio. These are signs I know well: my moon/ascendant/south node, and my sun conjunct many important planets, respectively. While undergoing treatment, a power nap, I was guided to the solution being in Taurus; the sun sign for my walk-in (also my first and second born). Looking this up after my treatment, to feed the mental side, as well as the physical and energetic, I was also drawn to look at the asteroid Juno (which I wrote about in this post earlier that day:, in this deck, with accompanying book:

While I’ve never really been keen on Juno or Jupiter, because I found her willingness to tolerate his excess and machoism frustrating, it’s an interesting story, because here we have the true twin flame relationship, brother and sister, striving for a balance between work and love, each having their own valued piece of the pie. It’s not the sexual passion you see in the movies, and if you line yourself up for that you’re apt to get burned, as I was, many times over, in the past. It’s deeper than that and it takes time and respect, to earn that fruit!

So, we are in this gene key right now:

In essence, we have to learn to work within a structure (Saturn says no), and then leap off that structure to find our freedom (Jupiter and Uranus say yes). This is my experience of the Juno and Jupiter relationships! Here are some curious photo:

Do they co-rule, does he need a staff/flame to feel equal to her, but she does not, must she stand and he sit, did she really send out a device to spy on him, or to get to know him better, the asteroid Juno even looks like the upper part of a face/mask, trying to understand, see, sniff out truth, is she in it for the long haul, but hesitant too?

Here’s a few other things I learned yesterday:

The image is Salacia, who sits in aspect with my natal Mercury and Jupiter. RN43 sits near my mid haven, and Hygeia sits in Scorpio, in my 7th house, conjuct my natal sun, which is very close to my natal Mercury.

I’ve been drawn to Asclepius (father of Hygeia and healing/meh-dee-sin: funny how people expect meh-see-sin to heal others, when truly truly we can only heal our selves, and it’s this lack of understanding, not some lapse of understanding in the meh-dee-cull community, that results in alternative healers or doctors and techniques from the past getting a bad reputation), because of an Esogetic Medicine technique, that I know but don’t use often, that calls upon him to use dreams for self healing. I had such a dream last night, and many nights.

Hygeia, as you can see, is about prevention, and learning balance between Jupiter (excess) and Saturn (restriction). Salacia shares this goal of Jupiter-Saturn balance, where she withdraws and waits for proper timing, in order to protect what is important to her (Saturn), and then concedes to accept a wonderful gift (Jupiter), finally able to express herself more fully. And, as you can see, RN43 is also about waiting for proper timing.

Now, the things I won’t show, are the chaos expected in our now time, that is driving some people to hoard. I won’t show it because I want no part of it. I have sat with the possibility of starving, of my kids starving or seeing hardship or seeing violence. And, though that is not what I want for them or for me as their parent, it’s not my thing to worry about. I hand it to Jupiter, he loves excess, any reason to overbuy and he’s there. But, he also has extreme reason. He doesn’t buy on conspiracy, he buys on simple love of life, he teaches me it’s ok to treat my self sometimes, even if mostly all I buy are books, and healing tools, and whatever will help me learn while doing my job as a mama first.

And therein lies my restriction. Mama first. 3 kids, youngest is 2.5yrs. They won’t always be this little and needy of mama, but for now they are. Something I read yesterday, in the book above about Juno, was to examine my true restrictions and realize that some are choice and that choice should be accepted if I am the one making the choice.

Although I’d love to serve more with what I have and what I know, now is not the time, and I can still be Taurus, and plant the seeds and grow the roots, and monetize later, if there is a later.

Hubby may buy a few things, but we will not hoard, because then we are the problem too. People will go to extremes, trying to get their justice, forgetting what justice really is, or what this life is about. The Gene Keys recommends people look into the story of Les Miserables, to understand that justice is not retribution, but to ask someone to live a good and honest life.

Many people say “most people are not like you” to me, and one person even says “I assume everybody is stupid”. I’ll leave those thoughts on the table, for the truth to show itself.

Sending love, I hope, in some way, that this helps. There is structure, for us to understand our lives, lots of it, and then there is freedom, to leap off the structure, and check in with our truth, and what we are willing to live with (or die from, we all die, we all have to let go, we can all choose to trust, and let the wave pass us by, I’d rather study than scramble and lose time).

Finally, what I thought was my moon on my ascendant, funneling me intuitive truth to share, my also be Varda conjunct my Mercury:

Grateful to be of service!

A friend said “my not knowing about terrible things is what I get for staying off social me-dia”, yes, that’s what I get, peace of mind, and I am willing to suffer and die, as that is part of the human condition, the game, the experience. Now you will see, the accusations of me are true.


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