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Knowing where we Belong

The same person who shared the talk highlighted in my last article:

...also shared this new belief that the more things kids are exposed to, the more they learn about themselves, and the more places they can find for themselves where they "belong".

While on the surface this may sound ok, or not. Given many people in the past few years, behaved with gang mentality, just to feel like they belonged. And in truth, we all belong everywhere. We may not all be good at or enjoy everything, but ostracization has never been cool, it's a huge threat to our safety, because we humans are so vulnerable for so long unless we feel we belong (and will be taken care of).

I'm really enjoying watching The Baby-Sitters Club ( with my middle child because each episode is from a different character's perspective, each character has different strengths and struggles, and no matter how much the grass may seem greener on the other side, it may not be, we all have something we can appreciate from what we have, and learn from others. I'm glad my child can see themselves as someone they think is cool, and so can I.

So, we can discover where we belong by trying many things, seeing how we feel, and what we are and are not good at, or, we can continue to keep in mind and review things like our astrology. A week ago I was reminded by where my headache created pain points on my forehead, using Esogetic Medicine, that I need to be mindful of my natal Saturn in Leo (5th house), Virgo on the cusp of my 6th house (which contains my natal North Node, Pluto, Venus, and Part of Fortune), and my natal Sun, Mercury, and Uranus in Scorpio.

Add to this, the reminder I shared in my last article about "hidden enemies", the 12th house, which where we can find my natal Aries moon (conjunct my ascendant) and my South Node.

Together this points out, what I tried to share in this post, which got low visibility and no likes: We need to wash away the cobwebs and focus our energy on what's most important. For me, it's not expansion of my communication in many directions (Jupiter in Gemini in my 3rd house) or anger about the family (Mars in Cancer in my 4th house). Even though Mars clearly rules my chart, if we use traditional concepts, modern concepts point to equal weight from Pluto (learning to let go and transform, instead of fight).

I drink alcohol from time to time, even though it goes against my values for health, because it allows me to play the role of persophone, who was kidnapped by hades, but finds where she belongs, in the process. Not to be owned by her overbearing mother, who throws a temper tantrum when she is taken, and makes everyone pay, but to help others pass over to the other side.

The old me (south node) and my comfort/needs (moon) has hidden enemies (12th house). It may be spiritual (12th house), but I am here to shift into the body (6th house). Pluto conjunct Venus to me is hades stealing persophone, but with my north node and part of fortune present there as well, it's my destiny too, if I want to be successful and grow. My responsibility (saturn) in Leo (on stage, social media, articles) in the 5th house (play and children), and my life purpose (sun) conjunct Uranus (to be unique, individualistic, out of the box) and mercury (what I speak about), are to the side of my stronger purpose, where I belong. And even more orphaned, is my natal Neptune in Sagittarius. I will be tempted to continue to grow what I know, in terms of spiritual texts, and to think what I know is ideal, it's not the point.

Where I belong is not about trying all kinds of things that make me uncomfortable so I can know more about me. It's to see what my life and body is trying to show me, and to use my knowledge to decode the information, using my unique psychological charts (ie. Astrology) to see where I belong, or where it serves me best to place my energy, so I have more gains than pain.

I hope this helps.

Here is my natal astrology chart, in case it helps any follow what I shared above:

For sake of completeness, my natal chiron in Taurus (1st house, who I am, and opposing my natal sun, life purpose), may seem important. But truly, focusing on being a wounded healer may be comfortable and beautiful for me (Taurus) but it is not in line with my south to north node trajectory, and thus a part of me, but also a distraction. I can do better than that, if I focus on my ability to transform and create peace, which is the flip side of my natal Pluto and part of fortune, in libra.

The most powerful number in the soul contract system, 9, is the dragon, who is capable of the misuse of power and also of being a peacemaker. As is the 20, which represents Saturn (responsibility), outer war to inner peace, while the 9 represents the Sun (our life purpose). We are here to find peace and to support peace. That to me is where we belong.


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