Let’s add the Canadian names, with phonetic and abbreviated nuances

In my article this morning, I did not mention a couple Canadian players:


To an English speaking mother:

(the primary caregiver is usually the mother, and the phonetics for the name is how the primary caregiver would have said it at birth):

However, you could look at his French common name, using a wikitravel phrasebook to estimate the phonetic translation (it’s not perfect, but it gets you in the ballpark, with some disagreement allowed, I.e., I do not hear Goostain, so I retained the J of Joostain):


And good old:

(note the Jr from his full name is spelt in full, Junior ^^). Both the full birth name and current common names could be considered, if they feel right.

We see the same numbers as I outlined in my previous article (see link above), plus:

12-3 runs around like a headless chicken, doesn’t understand limits.

8-8 not in their body, it hurts too much to feel, they would rather die.

13-4 is a sweet number, if the person can get over their wounding from the mother or the divine feminine (many don’t).

Hope this helps.

Remember, we don’t know their truth. All we need to know is our own.

If we still hold wounding/trauma, then they can wound us, if we don’t, then their moves are water off a duck’s back. Even if the duck is not too impressed with the stupidity of others:

This is why working on your self is the most important thing you can do, to change your life experience.

We all have choice (to lie to and betray our selves, or not).


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