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Do you consider all the facets of what it means to support “international women’s day”?

If I said: “I support all men”, people would say I am a traitor and sexist.

We are only allowed to say we support a group if they are stereotypically deemed to be lesser than others. I do not think women are lesser and I do not think the type of genitals between someone’s legs means anything in terms of whether they deserve support for their accomplishments, even if they have none.

We all deserve support!

Calling out things by gender, sex, race, or any other category creates division, opinion, violence, hatred, when in truth: we are one!

This is how they control us, by getting us to identify with a label, then they wag the dog somewhere else.

We have all had multiple lives, and we have all been male and female and planets and more.

The explosion of Maldek speaks to me on a cellular level. When I explored the major asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, where the maths tell us another planet should be, I feel the mythology of their names and stories in my cellular memory, as parts of all of us, that were shattered, and disowned, whom we can now claim and comment on, with regards to who we are, so we can heal and become whole again!

The story of Ceres is presented first.

Divine Mother, who was too reliant on her daughter (Persephone) for her own personal identity. As a result, her daughter was “kidnapped” by Hades, through an agreement with their brother, that she would make a fine wife for him.

In the end, because she ate a pomegranate seed while in the underworld, the deal was legal and binding and she and her mom had to settle for half the year with mommy and half the year with hubby Pluto.

And we mortals must deal with half the year of spring/summer abundance and half the year of fall/winter grief.

I had trouble having compassion for this duo because my natal Venus is conjunct Pluto, so I have trouble seeing and appreciating who Venus really is.

I am not one to be owned by any man, by any business, by anything, just my children.

And I let them be themselves, not an extension of me. They are their own sovereign beings, because I remember how misunderstood kids can be.

Maybe I am Persephone, and maybe I wasn’t kidnapped, maybe I chose to leave, and to return and to leave again (but not in a spiteful Juno way, see below, simply because it is my right and freedom to be me, and to be kind in the process, no drama necessary, but sometimes there is drama, and that is part of following the curves of spirit and personal growth, raw honesty!) ... and don’t worry, I know how to protect my vessel as I go, we all should know the importance of doing that!

Back to the main storyline:

I don’t celebrate anything mainstream, because mainstream society continues to think the abuse of children is ok.

I was hesitant to look into the asteroid Vesta, because she sits right between my Pluto-Venus conjunction in my natal chart, which is also conjunct my North Node - I be going there, no matter how much I kick and scream...

I was quite happy to identify with Pallas Athene, at first, who sits near my natal Sun.

Daddy’s little girl, born of Jupiter’s head, mother of course killed for infidelity. Able to make it in a man's world, on the mental plane, betraying women to stay in the favors of the men, killing her own adopted sister by accident as a child and putting her name Pallas before her own (which I intuitively believe used to be Athena, but she dropped the “a” ending out of unworthiness, and I deliberately gave myself two “a”s at the end of my optimized name, to always remember my worth, Alahnnaa).

I too killed my first soul, Pallas, but I need not bare her name (Anna-Marie), as it was a before life agreement to do so!

We play so many more complex games than boys vs girls!!!

Now, let’s move onto Vesta, but first, allow me to share my distain for Juno, married to Jupiter (not the mother of Pallas Athena, let’s correct that name now and give her back her “a” ending!).

Juno was the sister of Jupiter, whom he could not resist. So he tricked her into courtship. And then she married him out of duty. And stayed despite his cheating and abuse, and abused him right back.

Lovely lovely lovely marriage, which is considered a necessary step up from Lilith who simply leaves and refuses to return to the abuse of men (me me me) and Psyche who finally gets her true love (barf! All of it barf! Haha).

I find it interesting, because people see Jupiter as luck on your doorstep, if you let it in, and don’t go to far, or you’ll get fat.

But Jupiter, Zeus, god of thunder is VERY conditional in his love!

You do what he wants (Pallas Athena), you get love, you don’t (Juno), you get wrath!

My father and husband are both Jupiter types, both born under the cross of the Maya, exactly opposite each other on the natal astrology and human design wheel (they are one in the same).

We do marry our fathers to deal with unfinished business! But I ain’t no Pallas Athene and I ain’t no Juno. Sorry to disappoint for a lifetime.

Enter Vesta, Charliko, and true BM Lilith!

Did you know the symbol for Venus is the circle (wholeness or spirit) on top of the equal sided cross (to manifest)?

The essence of Vesta moves between Virgo and Scorpio. She keeps her energy to herself (Virgo symbol with the tail tucked in) and at times offers it to others (Scorpio symbol with the tail pointing out):

The patriarchy does not like this, so they try to bind Vesta down in Libra marriage.

They are willing to forgo the world of her gifts, as the high priestess of wisdom, and the bearer of royal children, because they fear her true power.

Instead, they personify her as the sister, and the virgin.

We can all judge for ourselves what is true, while respecting her boundary and right to self-care and to decide who she will and will not let into her life or her chambers!

I won’t even share a photo of her here, as it is her right to not be looked upon with ogling eyes.

It is her responsibility to maintain the eternal flame, of whatever you think that might be...

Now enter BM Lilith...

If you look at the story of Adam and true oscillating BM Lilith, who gets reduced down to mean BM Lilith (more below), who is an edited, watered-down version of who women are or could be, THIS is who I see celebrated on international women’s day!

Not women in their power, like true BM Lilith, Vesta, and maybe Persephone, but Eve, Ceres, and worst of all Juno.

Although, Ceres did teach the world about agricultural, death, and regeneration, which is of great value. And women and men are free to be whomever they resonate with, and be them full out, if you want...

My opinion is that people (lets drop the whole gender and sex thing now) who resign themselves to duty, who don’t have it in themselves to claim their rights to be who they are, to say no, to say yes, to focus on health and their own unique creative life force, over beauty, and subservience. I don’t know what to say...

I prefer to live a life that is messy, true, learning, going for it, careful, respectful, real, doing away with the barbie girl (how can she move in those clothes and heels and make-up and hair?), so perfect, so fake, a terrible role model for our children. Makes me want to barf, because all of that is illness, not health or even true beauty, which comes from inside, when we live our life path and contribute what we know.

The more we learn real astrology, which is real psychology, the more we can just be our selves.

No gender, no matriarchy, and no patriarchy either.

Love that is unconditional, praise that is earned, by doing something of value, not by the genitals in your pants, if you even wear pants...

Thank you to those who do, with their eyes wide open, who own their shit, make their own trips to Hades and return on their own terms! And who have no problems serving when they can, and saying no when they need to tend to their own flame.

This is what it means (to me) to be women, and this is all of us, man, woman, child, or anything in between!

The capacity to self-care, and to listen to our bodies, driven by hormones, that they are actively trying to numb out of us, through hormone-based therapies, hormone-injected foods, surgeries, and boring as shit education systems and job choice, holding us in place with fear and shame (mostly FOMO: fear of missing out)...

They make you think BM Lilith walks a straight line, but she does not!

She has so much more potential, most of it unmet.

If the true BM Lilith in all of us (and all the other characters above and below, regardless of your present biological or identification with gender or sex) can understand who she truly is and how supported she is and the many who guide her and cheer her on, through her own flashes of insight, oh what an amazing world this could be!

Chaos precedes the win-win.

If you look at a table for true oscillating Black Moon Lilith compared to the mean (mainstream) Black Moon Lilith, you’ll notice that mainstream BM Lilith always moves steadily forward, about a degree in the astrological wheel, every 7-9 days.

While true BM Lilith travels forward and backwards covering 30 degrees or more, crossing at least 2 signs in the process. By the time mainstream BM Lilith has move forward 2-3 degrees, true BM Lilith has moved backwards 30 degrees or more and has returned to her starting point, gaining 3-4 degrees and then going back again, all over the course of about 28 days!

True BM Lilith is the potential trajectory of the moon (our needs and emotions), and it can go places the moon can never go.

Just like Chariklo, discovered when it made a star pattern, with several known planets, in the sky, imaged below:

As you can see in the title, she is defined as the “wife of Chiron”. A healer in her own right, co-raiser and teacher of healers (like Asclepius, father of modern medicine, after they chopped away the self-healing portions, whom Zeus/Jupiter had him killed for, how dare Asclepius teach people to access their own wisdom and support their own healing!).

Chariklo was also capable of traveling beyond the reach of well-known husband Chiron, not having to adhere to his Saturnly bounds. Her name also looks a lot like the very capable Chariot of the Tarot deck!

She was a nymph/mermaid who shape-shifted into a centaur to be with Chiron, and, after he left this world, when he could no longer bare the pain of an injury that he could not heal, he became Sagittarius and she returned to the sea.

This article may be everywhere, and my point may have failed to be met, and I may return later to make it clearer or not. I need not be anyone, cheer anyone, I simply need to do what is right for me, caring for my health, my kids, and sharing what I know, to be of service when I can. And I wish the same for you, women or not! WhooHaa!



Ps. From an Esogetic Medicine perspective, Pluto takes us all down to Hades from time to time, when we need to let go of something that no longer serves us, be that an overbearing mom who is trying to live vicariously through us, silly mainstream international days, an illness, a veyerus, a government, a system, a relationship, an idea. Whatever, let go and be born a new, or die. Just like giving birth or going poo, you can’t stop it, it’s a one-way street!

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