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Mold, Ee-Em-Effs, gut lining, inner peace, outer war

This is a great video, imaged below, and I’d love for you to share your ah-ha’s in the comments, especially if you have some solutions for parts of the problem:

I find it fascinating is that they test whether things like Ee-em-effs or other toxins affect human cells and say they don’t, but they neglect to understand that our body is made up of more non-human (microbe) cells than human.

And, as you will hear in the video (free access link above), our reaction to Ee-em-effs is not direct, it’s the microbes in us that react to it by spewing out neurotoxins, which then make us feel ill.

We are a microcosm/macrocosm, that deserves a lot more respect!

The war outside is also inside of us!

We need to find a way to exist, with peace inside, and listen to how we feel in each and every environment, and adjust accordingly.

I truly wonder if the M wearing mandates were to deliberately increase the garbage inside of us (especially mold), so that we would get sicker in response to our physical/emotional/social/technological environment. Yes, certainly, the 🐜Ee has been increased, and not just to try to get us to live in fear of very 🐜s.

We all have different levels of sensitivity, different lessons, different gifts, different places we need to be, things we need to experience and see, etc. We are forever guided. Human Design is a great way to get some guidelines on our unique rules for life. But eventually we have to go off book from the rules and just be honest.

How does something make us feel?

As she says in the video above: you can not heal unless you remove your self from the exposure! And that is often hard for people to do, because it cost money and security and relationships to say “this place is making me sick (work or home) so I have to leave”.

And, with every big lesson, there is always a test, a final string that tries to tugs at our heart, to find out if we are sure, will we take that next step with confidence, alone, on our hero’s journey, or not?

Many people fail this test, and end up living a blah life, never claiming their elder status, because they did nothing to earn it or to give back. Money, stuff, and mainstream status was never the point, they are the distraction.

I find it fascinating, that even people who know better, continue to expose themselves to things that are toxic. This group is a great example. They speak to all the things they do to be able to continue to expose themselves to people who are Ved, because of their self importance to continue to share their wisdom, and be live everywhere, like busy bees, who were never intended to fly all over the place, polluting the world as they go (we are all guilty of this gas guzzling self-importance/entitlement).

I am grateful for their continued voice in important places, but again and again, you hear these medical doctors working 36hr shifts, it makes no sense! All these medical students who get sick because of it, all these nurses who smoke because of the stress of shift work, there is no honouring of health, in industries that are “supposed” to be about health, and sadly, I think this is deliberate!

I also experienced illness, taking me away from my PhD twice (and many other mainstream things), because I am not meant to operate in a controlled box. I guess that’s the same lesson the woman in the video above received.

In this toxic Ved world, we could turn into an us vs them, a fully Ved line and a non or partially Ved line, some call it the white and black person water fountains. But these are different mindsets for health, both believing they are right.

One of my teachers says “we don’t get involved in saying what people should do” (V or not, key-mo or not), but he is clearly not going to put something in his body that “we don’t know what it is”. That said, we can not stop exposure to the shedding of the people around us. We can only be honest. Knowing that if we have symptoms there is something to listen to, a block, trying to get out. Information needs to flow, and we are blessed if we can sense the block and even more blessed if we know how to clear it (Esogetic Medicine or other modalities, that I hope people will share, that I know they offer, in the comments below).

I don’t work with people who are Ved, or ke-mode, because I can not risk increased exposure for me or my family. I also don’t think people who are Ved (or key-mode) have the mindset required to do the work, even if I could clear them, which I don’t want to. They have crossed a threshold I do not wish to cross.

If I am allowed to set my limits, so are other people, and we need to respect that.

No one has the right to access anything. We only have the right to our own bodies and our own life, and if the majority (where we want to go) swerves left and we want to go right, well, for our mental/emotional/physical/social/spiritual health, we need to find a new tribe.

Peace within, peace without. I’ve alway marveled at these people who never change friend groups, thinking I’m a failure because I often do, but, the truth is, I am growing, they are not.

You can not grow and bring everyone else along with you, you eventually have to reach a point where you outgrow, and you cut ties, because you finished the lessons at different speeds, some not at all, and they move on to teach the same lesson to someone else, while you move on to learn the next lesson.

The point? Well, we have all this great technology, we know how some things work, we leverage how some of nature works, we have numerous key-moe drugs that are literally designed to eat through gut lining and brain barrier walls, we leverage this for Vs (and also for digestive enzyme, which the video above shares, are modeled off of how mold eats through walls). Its cool and its insane!

Why is it insane? Because most people don’t stop, observe, feel, make tough choices, accept, do the work, change, and heal.

They keep one up-ing and one up-ing, trying to play this game “when the body says NO”. I have my own situations. And I have said I am going to stop fighting the lessons and take what comes, we may not like what comes, but with time, we may realize the things we fear don’t happen or they are something we can handle, and, in truth, they maybe better than us trying to keep the status quo.

Sometimes I write in code, to protect the privacy of others, but I hope this makes sense.

I have gifts, I can feel, I can heal my self and support and guide others, I have access to more education, and I will continue on my path, with honesty, love, and respect.

Yes, some people make me mad, and I will walk away from them, because I need to focus on what I am here to do. Which is to understand, to support, to guide, to care, to learn, to move on.

Anger is fuel, and we need use it to make a positive difference. Destroy or create. I choose to create, because that is how I can bring renewal.

Soul Contract lesson 20, war to peace, Saturn (our responsibility, where we need to invest time and effort), inner peace or outer war, the versatile spiritual explorer, great movement, instincts (smell, the left nostril, our truth), south (the IC in astrology, who we are at our roots), communication:

Did you know that, of all the 22 soul contract lessons, THIS is the lesson associated with can-sir?

Because, if you fail to deal with your inner and outer war, can-sir comes knocking on your door, to try to teach you the lessons you failed to learn any other way.

Sadly, many people take the opportunity to engage in more inner and outer war, and refuse to find peace. They often die from the treatments, not the can-sir, when their own bodies were simply saying “help me, stop this madness!”. And those left behind learn beautiful (painful) lessons too. And I honour all of that.

Its the same for people fighting on either side of this V, constriction, narrowness, it k’ills. When there is room in this world for people to live different values, in harmony, but separate from each other, if need be. Whenever we try to get all (no child left behind), when the truth is we are different, we fail.

I don’t understand why nonVed people treat Ved people, I guess for the money, and the desire not to discriminate, to allow for free choice (oh how every lesson has a flip side and we will always be guilty of one or the other, the lesson is the same) but the mindset is wrong.

You can’t treat someone who is doing something you fundamentally disagree with. You’re just putting back in the closet, the things they are pulling out. That’s harmful for everyone. This is why our system is broken, no personal understanding or ownership, too much reliance on others to fix us.

Sending love, in a tough time.

May you know your boundaries, your limits, your needs, may you listen, may you learn important skills for self care, and may you be of service to others, may you hear truth and accept it, knowing there are many layers of truth and lessons, and the ultimate truth is when you accept your lesson and do what you can, because it’s what you are here to do.

Even if you are here to V or to do anything else I may disagree with, you can, I would like you to think about the consequences to others (especially children and the earth), and if you continue to be that selfish, well, there is nothing I can do, if that is your path to experience.

Not everyone is here to work with me. Many people are not capable of it, and I am not qualified to work with them. I am at peace with that. I only want to work with what’s infont of me, people who have plenty of time left to learn and grow and give back, too far gone is not for me, unless the person is seeking closure. There are other practitioners who are a better fit for the hail mary’s and for “saving” others. To work with me, you need to be willing to save your self!


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