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Moving away from social media?

I make such an effort to create high quality posts to express my thoughts and educate others. Many people thank me because they say my posts make them realize they are not alone in how they feel.

Now we have the potential of things like (and this was literally the post I was going to share on the topic):

Is it good to get rid of H speech? Yes.

Do people need to learn how to express their message while leaving out personal attacks and meanness? Yes.

But how will they learn?

If they can not express themselves and get feedback, and then go “wow, what I did made those people feel, act, say, and that was not my intention, that is not the person I am trying to be, or the role I want to play in all this, how can I change?”

I know for my self, if my posts attract or feed H, I shut it down right away. I am not anywhere for that purpose.

You will see my posts attract minimal likes or comments and I have minimal followers. There’s a reason for this. It’s not that I am a pariah, it’s that I am not interested in feeding conflict. I don’t let random people follow me. I simply express my perspective.

The creation of something that previously did not exist in the physical realm (and figuring out how I really feel about something and why) is the only point.

So, for what it’s worth. As my post are sometimes raising awareness to what I see the G is doing, especially through their damaging school system, which hurts children, generation after generation. I am going to see if it is equally satisfying for me to just post on my website.

I write in many places, and I may always do so, or not.

But I need to clean up: when I put my energy into places where it is either unappreciated or going to be destroyed by others.

We all have so much to give, but many of us are not very good at giving the right things to the right people, yet.

This is a time where everything falls apart. The good, the bad, and the ugly. We need to find new ways to work with the people that matter. Fewer contacts, higher quality communication.

Sending love 💕

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