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This is only a fraction of my self care routine, to continue to exist in a world obsessed with the V

Regular hot detox baths with RestoreChi water cards, Epsom salts, and Esogetic Sound Therapy.

A shelf full of supplements, vitamins, tinctures, and herbs, taken daily, with either a detox smoothie or celery juice.

Running RestoreChi to detox my Liver, Spleen, and whatever else (of ~80 tracks) needs support while we sleep. Sometimes I also run RestoreChi tracks through the day, to boost my energy, strength, and protection.

Regular Divine Healing and Esogetic Medicine diagnostics and treatment.

My last Divine Healing mini sessions cleared aggression, resentment, and genetic encodements from my father (with regards to superstition, a death wish, and conditioning).

One of my recent Esogetic treatments prompted me to make a call that took a stressful to-do off my plate, simply by speaking my truth and hearing theirs.

Plus weekly trips to very specific chiropractors, daily conversations with body workers, naturopaths, and health coaches, and great family support at our co-creative school.

I also avoid eggs, alcohol, most dairy and meat, try to eat local, plant-based, organic as much as possible, and avoid people who took the V or have that delusional mindset.

I even wear organic clothes as much as possible, and choose organic for products that go in my body or on my skin!

Of course I drink filtered water only, use a natural toothpaste, have 5gee/Eee-em-eff protection running 24/7, unplug our wifi at night, go on airplane mode, and avoid using the microwave as much as possible.

Self care can be tiring, but, when the alternative is debilitating pain from the toxins expelled by people who take the V, I put in the effort! Do you?

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