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One person’s propaganda is another person’s truth

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Continuing on from this article:

Read along with the article above, for you here:

If I focus on the planetary bodies at 2 degrees, namely my natal sun, and specifically TX, for which I am using the glyph >< to personify talking all the time to everyone. They sit 4 signs apart, 120 degrees, a trine, a supportive relationship.

My life purpose is tied to me sharing what I know to everyone, even influencing their opinion with what I share. While a trine can get people in trouble, because there is no filter for that slide, I also can’t just opt out, because someone else judges those who influence others, with what they say or write, as wrong. I do everything I can to listen to my intuition and keep what I share aligned with truth and the bigger picture, and giving people permission to be themselves, which means I have to be my self too!

For today, that is all. Hope you can be you, even if someone else judges a trait you have as unsavory. You are entitled to your truth, and it’s nice when we can be kind.


ps. Of course Chiron, Sedna, and asteroid Black Moon Lilith (all wounded healers, to a certain degree) are not too far (at 3-4 degrees), opposing (bringing balance) and squaring (bringing tension and the need to let go and allow change) to my life purpose (sun). And my speaking up for women’s rights (aBM) could be a missed opportunity to my >< (talk all the time). My talking (sharing what I know) also cheerleads wounded healers Chiron and Sedna, and vice versa.

Talk-talk is also in my 12th house of regrets. Yes. So many regrets, when I speak and it hurts others, because they choose to be hurt instead of opening up to be kind. And I don’t know what I to do about it. The 7th house (where my life purpose sun sits) is visible enemies and the 12th (where my moon and talk-talk sit) are hidden ones. What to do? Day by day.

Maybe a line in this song ( offers some distinction between truth and propaganda: “who’s content and who’s for rent”. If one is compensated to write than it is propaganda, but if they write as an attempt to express their truth, then it’s not? I don’t know. But I do know: there is a fine line between what people judge as wrong (because it may influence another), and having the right to try to be all that one can be (including write in an influential way with passion). We often blame the skilled as needing to know better, but that also shortchanges all of us, of what the skilled are capable of. We need to allow the growth process and the self correction to gain the fruit, IMO.

Sending love 💕

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