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Pregnancy, birth, and the life

Many people think a challenging birth involves a lot of interventions, like suction, forceps, cord around the neck, emergency c-section, near death, etc.

But, there are more common complications at birth, such as breaking of the waters and scraping the baby’s head, an epidural that was turned too high so the mother doesn’t feel the urge to push (leaving the baby engaged, with pressure on their skull, for too long, causing changes in the shape of their head, and pressure and pockets on the brain, impacting mental, emotional, and physical function).

If only mom and babe were able, encouraged, and supported to do the natural dance of preparation for and birth. However, the mother is often not healthy enough to do so without suffering, because the entire life has been a conditioned gong show. Everything hurts or makes us feel sick, and we just want to numb the pain and make it stop as soon as possible. The less we deal with our stuff, the more tolerable pain becomes intolerable. It’s what we came for, and how we learn. Don’t kick yourself for going through the process, to get you to where you are today (and where you need to be in the future).

And we can see markers for this at age 3, 6, 9, and 12yrs. And then, forward into the life, if they are not resolved.

Our son had the experiences I mentioned above, and at 3yrs, his first sister was born and he had a very hard time losing his full time access to mommy. At 6yrs he started school 1 week late (due to a family holiday) and he got so scared on his first day that he ran out of the school and they called the police. This was after he was traumatized in Senior Kindergarten, when they started making kids work before they could play. Kids were marked with a stamp when their work was checked. He noticed some kids had multiple stamps (because they asked for multiple), but he thought this was because they were seen to be better at the task than he was. Also, the class had a lot of teacher turnover, and one of them the kids called Ms Hate, because she yelled a lot. In fact, even the main teacher’s discipline strategy was giving kids the evil eye. No one comforted kids when emotionally or physically hurt, because they didn’t know how (no kids of their own, and fear of physical contact).

Now at age 9, we have had an experience at our school which you could think was about me, wanting to get rid of me, because I respect kids, and most people prefer to force kids. Of course our 2.5yr old was blamed. But the person who was most hurt in all of this, was our 9yr old son. He lost all his friends, because the mothers of his friends hate me, so they are blocking access for him.

It’s sad because at age 9yrs is when kids drink from the cup of forgetting, and this is a theme that has been very scary for him lately. If an item is gone, if a friend is gone, the memory is also gone. Remembering who he is, and that he is unconditionally loved and supported, no matter what life throws his way.

Thankfully, I know not to take the experience and make it personal. Yes, these moms are being unkind, and in their attempt to try to hide who they are, they are actually revealing more of who they are. And, I could also say “what did I do wrong?” but, in truth, I will never mistreat children to make adults feel more comfortable about themselves, so, I did nothing wrong. Maybe my natural way of being, showed them a mirror they were not ready to look at, but that is also not my fault, nor my job to make easier, unless they are inviting me to do so. Draining my energy to serve those who aren’t asking and aren’t appreciative is a lose lose on all sides.

Esogetic medicine allows us to identify the source of emotional pain. Pain is just blocked energy, information that needs to be put back in order, so it stops raising a red flag throughout the life. Esogetic medicine can help us remember who we are and help us stay connected, even if we forget and life throws us a curve ball.

Everything in life is to move us towards a better life (one that supports growth not stagnancy). We just need to be able to recognize and be open to it. I am so grateful that this school has two locations, and that we can return (and have been welcomed back) to the old location. Because, we have graduted the new location, we have no need for those lessons anymore. My kids are not wounded, they are loved, so they can go to a place, where children are loved and supported, to blossom into themselves.

We are moved in life when there is no more to learn from the old place. If your life changes a lot, it could be because you’re going for mastery in this life, instead of complacency. People who stay the same their whole life, may not be growing very much, and may be trying to avoid the pain that goes along with a refusal to grow. The only reason we have health is if we are connected to and being ourselves. Suffering is just a reminder to reconnect.

How do you think Esogetic medicine (the identification and release of blocked energy, so life can flow) could support you and your family?

Emotions are ok, they give us information, and they need to be allowed and processed. But, they need not be taken personally and turned into a story of self pity or low self worth.

People hurt us to remind us that we have forgotten how much we are truly worth. When we correct this misconception, we stop attracting people who hurt us, because we don’t need the reminder anymore. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just the law of attraction.

Sending love. You are never alone. You are always cheered on, in your every moment, even if you think you’ve failed. Life is a perfect puzzle, we play roles for each other, as they play roles for us. Gratitude.

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