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Proof that masking harms children!

I’ve always known my father was born in a field during the war, and that his umbilical cord was cut by a broken bottle. But, I found out recently that a Japanese soldier had his mother at gun point while she was birthing, and after his birth decided to let them live. No wonder she took her life after giving birth to her 3rd child, when my dad was only 4 years old.

My dad says to me now: the problem is, you were born here (in Canada), if you were born in Vietnam like me, the mask thing wouldn’t bother you, it’s considered normal...

My mother was born unable to recognize faces, prosopagnosia, she has a benign tumor in her brain. The terror she experienced her entire life led her to eventually no longer be able to work.

Between the two of them, they let a predator into our home, who sexually abuse their children (ie me). When I got rid of this guy after 4yrs of abuse and psychological manipulation, neither of them had the ability to thank me, let alone support me or love me. I have always been the one who makes them look bad by seeing truth!

I recognize faces, I don’t wear a mask. I don’t wear a mask because I have overcome my trauma. I took my life at age 15yrs. My parents don’t even know, because I didn’t even bother to tell them. I ODed and spirit sent me back and then I went to school sick as hell the next day.

Take the masks off when you talk to kids, take their masks off too, you are traumatizing them for nothing, you are wiring their brain in a terrible way, you are hurting their ability to negotiate conflict in a pro-social way, you are leaving them desolate. Why? Because you want to fit in, look like a good person, because you’re scared? This is so much about trauma, your trauma, which you are dumping on your children and students, because you are a coward! Kids have waited long enough, it’s time for you to grow up!

Sending love. I understand trauma very well, and I understand what happens when you fail to empower your self and do what is right!

From the book I shared in yesterday’s article:

This is a treatment from Esogetic Medicine, to help people relax and use the more evolved social nervous system (ventral vagus) to negotiate conflict (as opposed to the less evolved version of fight, flight, freeze):

It is especially important for persons who experienced abuse, for whom, no matter what they did, no face reading or facial expression could stop the abuse they received. So they shut down their face and their ability to navigate conflict without pain or violence. You know “resting b*tch face”? This is the source. If no one read your facial cues for help for a long time, well, you may as well scowl at the world, and you can imagine how a world of face readers treats these poor souls, who don’t even know their face is stuck in that position. Or those who’s face show emotions they would rather hide, and yet we see. This is trauma! It’s time to stop doing this to our kids, and empower your self!

To keep up to date on my shares for how Esogetic Medicine can support you, follow me here:

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