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Read this and tell me if mainstream is doing a good job...

These are some teeth and gum problems being experienced in our home. With the current state of things, none of us are too interested to go for mainstream treatment. But, do you even think mainstream treatment would help? How can it address the deeper issues the body is clearly signaling that it needs to have addressed?

Screenshot quotes borrowed from Messages From The Body:

I know I have many of the tools to access the energetic and psychological (past and present life) information behind these issues, it’s just a question of having the time to myself to work on it. And, that can be hard with 3 kids: 8yrs, 5yrs, and 1yr old literally on me 24/7. I just hope that the time will arrive for me to work on this before further consequence.

This is how our body signals us.

The problem stares us in the face for a long time, waiting for us to step up and work on it, not just cover it up or go to someone to cut it out. What you cut out will grow back, and the assault to your body is not very kind, when all it really wanted was some love.

How do you feel in all this?

Your body is waiting for love, your kids are waiting for you to wake up and empower yourself! And the guilt goes full circle.

Love and bless, strong family, strong light.

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