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Some videos for you to watch, while I’ve absented my self from social media

I don’t always understand why I need to do things, when and for how long, but I do listen to the energy.

December 1st 2019 I was guided to stop posting and visiting Facebook, and I have not been back, except the odd time to check something important, and I am so glad to be off.

In the past year, I got a lot more vocal on LinkedIn, and, for a brief period of time, I even branched out into Tiktok, and Telegram (but only so non social media folk could access all my posts, which I shared to Telegram). But lately I’m just not interested in any social media. I’ve been unfollowing people on Instagram for a while, my news feed was mostly just vegan bowls, medical medium, and the odd quote or photo. I loathe how people present themselves on LinkedIn (oh the fake desperation), and I don’t want to judge others.

I realize we are in a time of mass extinction:

Image above from the video “The rise and fall of the medical system“ by Bruce Lipton, available here.

Which means if you live your life in the mainstream way you are probably on your way out. And there is no longer anything I can say to stop it. Even my wishes for logical consequences to poor decision making is probably considered unkind.

Here is another video worth a watch if you want to understand why we are being wiped out (too much human tinkering without the responsible caring consciousness to think about the consequences of our actions):

While the tech community has apparently always been watching each other have recorded discussions with each other, this is the first time we are getting to see health experts speak with each other. We are all concerned, silenced, and sharing what we know, which we always should have been able to do!

This is the most comfortable exile and extinction I’ve ever experienced. And I feel I’ve been present for many.

My feet share an interesting story:

As you can see, my right big toe is shorter than the left, and you may not be able to see in the photo, but the second last toe on the right is also crooked and cracks when I crunch my toes. As a result, my left foot gets squeezed into tighter shoes at times and you can see the baby toe on the left is almost starving for flesh/energy.

According to Esogetic Medicine, left baby is my life program, what I am here to do, and right big toe is liver, and right second smallest is gallbladder. My astrological chart is ruled by Mars, so is my moon, and sun. And if you look at the Tree of Life mapped onto the body, I have a tattoo of a moon with a melting clock on the shadow side of Mars. Mars is also in Cancer (ruled by the moon, its fall) in my natal chart. My other tattoo is on the conscious side of Venus, and it’s a yin yang with a gecko. This has meaning too, especially if you factor in my natal south node Aries, north node Libra, and natal Eris in Aries and Pluto in Libra (conjunct Venus) opposition at birth, with Eris and Pluto currently in a closing square formation in the sky...

What does all this mean for the feet?

Well, liver and gallbladder are anger and depression, fat and toxins, things we don’t need or handle well, and the right means it is impacting me in present time.

I got this injury from tobogganing down a hill behind my house as a kid (when there were no fences/boundaries), not knowing how to stop myself, I put my right foot out, to stop my entire body from hitting the neighbor’s house.

There are things in this life that are unmovable.

No matter how fast you go towards them (slow and conscious wins the game).

I hid my injury, because I didn’t want to get in trouble, but the pain got so severe I could no longer walk or put any weight on my foot.

This is like Mars, he goes too fast, and Eris (Mars’ sister, who loves war more than he does) loves to see others lose more than she loves to win. She knows there will be a price to pay for the change that is needed. The price, if I continue to voice now, is being able to complete my own life purpose.

The baby left toe is Leo, and this is our life purpose, to find our center, solar plexus, Tepheret, beauty, and walk our unique path, open to learning our unique lessons.

Saturn sits in Leo in my natal chart, I know where my responsibilities and cross to bare lie, and I am grateful.

It truly is an easy life, when we live in alignment, and when we know how to find our truth and our alignment again, because we all fall off course from time to time (it’s the only reason we get hurt or sick).

When we respect Mother Earth and Father Sky (organic chemistry, as stated in the first video above), and know we are all spirit and matter, combined, we can live a respectful life.

We need to remember the politics and egos that created our present mindset, so we can move beyond all this to be humble again.

None of us are without lessons to learn, and the ones with the greatest falls ahead, stand highest on their pedestal of pride.

And, quite frankly, I need not offer my every thought to the AI building machines at social media. Let them assume mainstream is all there is.

Sending love. 💕

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