Stating your pronouns is NOT a requirement for anyone

It makes people feel like they need to figure out which of the 218 genders they most identify with, as if looking at the genitals in their pants is not enough to verify boy or girl (and certainly no one has the right to know what genitals are in there and which genitals you wish they were).

Of course, there are people for whom gender differences will be their flag to fly and they should fly it.

But an epidemic of this has resulted in many kids who can’t handle any kind of change and are willing to take dr-ughs and undergo surgery to prevent sexual maturation, the hormones for sexual maturation mature not just the body but the brain as well.

Do people not understand that big harm-us is a business, who’s goal is to get us to buy into an ever growing constant amount of the largest variety of products they can produce?

I know most people are just trying to be nice, to be inclusive, to make people not feel bad, but, just look at this image:

…in the same email they say “don’t bully the disabled and get your kids Ved”. Is that because the Ved kids will soon be disabled, and if we mock them this could deter other families from Ving their kids? No one was ever going to mock them, but taking the V does make people angry and less intelligent.

Come on guys, be smarter than this, I know you see it too.

Women go through menstrual cycles, their bodies change throughout the month, we get acne to release toxins, and we get pain so we can self-care/rest.

A full garbage is never resolved by filling it with more garbage or putting your garbage in someone else’s trash can.

Sending love, because I know you are better than this, and because flying the flag for kids is what I do!!

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