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The cross over between sensory, adhd, autism, etc issues and trauma must be huge, and it’s not just

I was reading this post:

and the one comment was "my kid is screwed then".

It reminded me of what I wanted to share today. Yesterday I heard of a story where a youth hurt another wrestler when they we're supposed to be shaking hands, and he was charged, because hurting someone at this point is a "rupture to the social fabric/agreements of the game/life".

It's so hard, we are penalized for things that are mistakes, but are also a direct reflection of what is going on inside. If we are full of trauma, unprocessed conflict, unmet needs, judgements, etc, then it is very hard to do anything most people do. Even tell time, shower, get somewhere, etc.

We can recover from most things, with time, understanding, and the ability to choose things that are a better fit for us. We are not violent by nature.

This desire to punish and penalize and make people pay, this is just a tragic expression of our unmet needs. No one deserves to be hurt, yet, we attract exactly what we need to heal old wounds. We magnetize experiences to us. We can be "human" and play the blame game, or we can be curious and play the soul's game.

I hope this helps. We have sensory issues when our physical and metaphysical eye sockets are full of congestion/garbage. There are ways to clear and process this out. To complain is to be human, to solve is to be a soul.

And it's not just "our fault". We have 6 generations of epigenetic baggage, and cellular baggage from living inside our moms. It's quite fascinating how nature designed us, to learn from what our predecessors needed, even if we don't need it any more. And our soul chooses: that life, those parents, that culture, this socioeconomic status, these social issues, because it is a fit for what is still left to be learned for our soul's curriculum, like picking classes in university, college, or high school. We also have the option to focus on how we want to give back to life this time around (or not).

I hope this helps.


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