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The long game of the Eleete

This is an absolute must watch!


They make white people feel bad for who they are, because for twice as long as whites have mistreated people of colour, the eleete whites have mistreated the poor whites. And when the poor whites began to band with the people of colour, the eleete whites couldn’t get there in time to stop it, so they told the poor whites “because of your skin colour, you are better than the people of colour, who are in fact a lower species, everything is a diversion from the gold standard, which is the white body”. The poor white accepted this upgrade, and all that goes with it, but, deep down, I think we all know skin colour doesn’t make any one better than any other. We have all been abused by the eleete, and it’s time to say “no, I’m not gonna let you keep pulling my puppet strings and making me feel guilty for what you did!”. We need to stop shaming children for what the gov-ur-ment did to the natives. We all wanted peace, we all want peace. There are beautiful, powerful, sensitive souls who can guide collective healing in the body and in the energy, in the individual and in the group. Be open to this, stop politically correcting the sh*t out of everything, that is the problem, that is the eleete. We are one, we don’t need a box of crayola skin colours to show separation. I’ve never fit in any race category, too fat to be Asian, too Asian to be white. I am not quite eleete, with my Swedish heritage, it’s close, and yet, the Sweedes are physically healthy but emotionally barren. And the Vietnamese, I feel they were the original natives of their land. I carry trauma, but not from here. I feel uncomfortable when I see chubby barbie dolls in a cartoon, why did they have to make one of them chubby, is this for pity inclusion? I feel bad when I see my kids (a quarter Vietnamese, a quarter Swedish, a quarter French, and a quarter many generations Canadian, but you know how Canadians like to claim their European heritage and say a quarter Scottish) <- that is exactly the problem, claiming status!

Anyhoo, when I see my kids next to their white friends, I do feel shame, shame that because of me they are “less than“. I see their beauty when I see them away from the white folk, but next to the white folk, I relive my childhood, where I understood why the white boys liked my friends and not me. I am gross, I am of colour, and not even the colour people support.

These are my traumas, I am fat and not white, I even asked my white husband if he feels sad that his kids are not white, yet he married me. I wonder if his family is ashamed. Of course they love our skin colour, but do they love our lower status, or does it bring them shame? I had no where to go. I am not anything. Thankfully my kids are not fat. They are emotionally and physically healthy, and angry at times, at the lack of understanding they get from others.

So, let’s just stop, let’s love, let’s seek help. We are all worthy. This recent game is just another straw on a broken camel’s back. No one you know in person is your enemy. The enemy doesn’t visit the front lines, they don’t get their hands dirty. They launch products and ideas from a far, and watch us fight. I’m not fighting, I’m not complying. I’m being kind. I don’t want to hate you or to hate me, or my kids, for what I made them to be, because of who I am...


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