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The opposite of love is not fear, it’s hate

Onions have many layers, at the center we all have a heart. It’s time to use it. Please recognize hate for what it is, and return it with nothing but love.

Don’t allow hate to make you spread fear. Everyone is entitled to fear, it guides us, and it is not the opposite of love.

The opposite of love is hate, and hate turns normal fear into something that hurts everyone.

Lack of understanding is up there too, but there are so many who are wiling and able to explain, if you just ask.

We are a people who allow anyone to identify as any gender, and so, we can also allow anyone to identify with any belief, any fear, any instinct, any inner guidance, but hate has no place among good people.

Hate is to be returned with love, because we are all accomplished masters, who have lifetimes where we have to fall in consciousness, it’s how it goes. And when we do, let’s hope others return our hate with love, and remember who we truly are.

This is also how you handle “bullying”. Not with anti- anything (we are not exterminating children or families), but with love. Their bucket is empty, fill it with love, and allow them to empty their pain, so they can fill themselves up, again and again. Hate will never do that, only love can.

We are so much better than this!

Inspired by something I read in a book. A book I put down for a bit to read another, and in the meantime finished a few others, until I saw how they all fit together, and then I could go back.

That’s how life is too.

We don’t go from unenlightened to enlightened, and then glow forever. We weave, back and forth, to get the nuances.

The highest master still does not know the lowest low, until he/she has revisited that crevice from their enlightened (new) perspective.

Remember who you truly are.

No soul contract; astrology, human design, or gene keys chart; Esogetic Medicine or Divine Healing path is evil.

These modalities are all built on truth and love, and that is why they can be helpful and work, if the practitioner is the right fit for what you seek.

And they always will be, because if you seek pain to grow, you will attract it, and if you seek love, you’ll know truth from illusion.

Sending 💕


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