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The Phoenix may not be the highest octave of Scorpio after all

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Our family has a huge Scorpio theme. I am a Scorpio sun, hubby is a Scorpio moon, we married when all planets were above the horizon (with the sun in Scorpio), our first born is a Scorpio rising, our second born is a Scorpio setting. Naturally, when we were unexpectedly blessed with a 3rd child, we named her: Phoenix (because Scorpio is apparently the only astrological sign with 3, instead of two, levels: scorpion, eagle, phoenix).

Except, lately, I realize I may have completed my mission on behalf of the Phoenix. Maybe it’s time to move beyond ancestral patterns and claim my own life?:

My grandmother lost both her sons: one to suicide/OD and the other (disowned by his family) died drunk on a park bench. It’s very sad. She weaved this to commemorate how she felt:

Her son had just forgiven her for leaving him, and said he would visit that weekend, but, before he could follow through, he died.

I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to find ways to hold space for people who want to die, and to show them an alternative way to see their life. It’s been good work, very rewarding. But, it’s time to move on from the bird who burns.

My son insists we keep this painting (give the phoenix a victory before she goes):

…because he has trouble letting go, and it also shows the transition from the prior octave to the present one.

Just like Jacob‘s Ladder is made up of stacked and overlapping Trees of Life:

And here are the next two phases of this evolution (for me and my family/kids):

The rejected ugly ducking realizes she’s a swan and finally finds peace and self love.

And the peacock knows she can transmute poison to beauty, and that she also has the freedom to swim away.

The tree with roots shows our connection to our past/shadow and our future/potential, and that we are whole when we accept all and are connected as one.

I have to wait a couple of weeks for the delivery of the last painting. I’m guessing I have to embody it first, walk the wisdom, then the reminder will arrive.

Grateful that we are never alone, and that stepping into our power, supports others to step into theirs. We are one. 💕🙏

This is why it is important to move from self hate to self value to self love. This is how we transmute and use our pain to give back. Wishing you multiple octaves of success as well!

Update- December 30th, 2021, the painting has arrived, we are all worthy! ❤️🙏:

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