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The solution often rises up with the problem...

Jewelweed always grows near stinging nettle or poison ivy, and it is one of the natural remedies, to relieve the painful reaction, from either of these plants. I learned this at the co-creative school, that I continue to attend with my children, because the public school system is broken and very damaging to our children!

Interestingly, nettle, though it can sting you, also has healing properties, and is one of the products I take regularly to deal with spyke shedding from people who are Ved.

Although many do not believe in spyke shedding from the Ved, an unVed parent at our school was able to test her self and found lots of circulating spyke protein in her body. Where did it come from?

To the point of things rising up side by side, we have race issues going on, and we have the V pass-port situation. They are very similar, and I think they stem from unprocessed trauma. If you read these passages from this book, you will see how much we are traumatizing kids nowadays, how this is known, and nothing new, how jean therapies were always on the horizon, how many years we can stay stuck in each level of maltreatment and segregation, how the partially Ved are no different from the partially white. They just pin us against the other. I think illness is something that triggers many, because many of our ancestors were fleeing the great plague or severe oppression. You’ll see that exchanges were made then (like they are now): do as your told and get a reduced sentence for prisoners. And some solutions are presented, namely; metabolize your own/historic trauma (one way to do so is using Esogetic Medicine), feel and validate the pain, and stop blowing it through others!

Given what is shared above, about the amount of trauma we have inflicted on our selves and our children in the past year, and the negative impacts this will have on the development and lifetime health of our children, do you think now is the time for the school system, that is simply trying to stay open and avoid the mass blowing of trauma through each other, to address items 2-4 proposed by our provincial government, below?:

In the end, there is nothing new under the sun. But, we can be smarter, we can heal our trauma, we can decide not to pass it onto our children.

I hope you will take responsibility for this, for your sake, and for your kids.

Be one of the few people who can see more clearly in this time.

End duality! Come to the table, and continue to work together. “Agree to disagree” is not an option. Visiting one person’s perspective should bring them closer to seeing your perspective. Traveling around the infinity symbol brings a greater wholeness, not separation. We need to understand each other, because all good people have the same goal:

Health, well-being, kindness, thriving, creativity, expression, celebration for all of all!


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