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The V strategy is incomplete and upside down

I don’t work with people who are Ved, people who V others, or people who harbor the Ved. My work demands a level of integrity and intelligence that people in either of these categories simply lack.

I do know of a naturopath (who will work with these people in person), and a health coach and an Esogetics practitioner (who may work with these people remotely). Although none of us practice any modality in the same way.

It is said that not all people who are Ved and who spend time with the Ved will die in the next 2yrs. I, quite frankly, am happy about the 2-year thing. When I was pregnant with my last child (didn’t know it yet) I had my business table at a show, and I looked up a pain in my body that meant “I don’t want to be here”, and that is truly how I felt.

I believe we feel what we need to feel to do what we need to do. My unborn child needed and continues to need me to be out of the circuit for the next 2yrs, until she can be without me. Two years is about the time it will take those who refuse to wake up to die.

There will be people who Ved who learn to survive, with a heck-load of ongoing self-work. Good for them! But I prefer to swim without the baggage.

When I was pregnant and nursing, my skin burned more easily by the sun, to keep me out of the sun to protect my kids. This is what I am doing now.

Here is the Soul Contract symbol for Jupiter (SC22):

Notice how, in comparison to the symbol above, the letter V is upside down and incomplete. The symbol for SC22 is about completion (body, mind, spirit; oneness; learning the toughest lesson: to move from ugliness/crazy/mean to beauty/generous/kind, it’s all inside you, connection to source).

Also, here is a definition for the word above the SC22 symbol:

SC22 is always paired with the Sun (SC4, because 2+2=4):

The SC4 symbol represents: what you have/know, you must share, and you must be there for your children.

I can not share with the Ved, those who V others, and those who harbor the Ved because I need to be here for my children!

Division from abundance often means feeling like we never get the love we need so we don’t share our selves, then we have kids and they bug us until we learn to share our selves, and when we open and follow our heart (instead of our mind), everything we need comes to us, if it is aligned with our true life path.

Jupiter/Zeus is seen (above) as the sephira of mercy, because, though his father (Saturn, SC20, war to peace) ate his father (Uranus, SC21, doing life the hard way; maybe being eaten by your son to prove a point qualifies for doing life the hard way). And, though it was predicted that Saturn would face the same fate from his child, Jupiter did not eat him.

Instead, Jupiter displaced Saturn, and split the kingdom: above (what we’re proud to show off, completion, for himself, SC22), below (our denied shadow, and the divine masculine, living in integrity, for his brother Pluto/Hades/Arch Angel Michael, SC1), and the water in between (the unconscious, divine feminine, not having to effort, because those who seek you will find you, and when they do, they will see you have more knowledge to share than they could have ever imagined, for his brother Neptune/Poseidon, SC13).

SC1, SC13, and SC21 are the mother letters in Hebrew and the Soul Contract system.

They also represent the outer planets: Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus. The split off grandsons (Pluto and Neptune) return to sit with their (devoured) grandfather (Uranus).

All forms of being outside the box, we are one. Truth/Mind, Love/Emotions, Spirit/Power; Air, Water, Fire; Earth is you, who will you be in this lifetime?

If you follow the path of the sephira from the crown at the top, in a lightning bolt pattern downwards:

You see that Saturn's job (Sephira 3: the system) is to receive the wisdom (from Sephira 2: Uranus) which he received from above (Sephira 1: Neptune).

In order to make the leap from the trio (1-3) above (the head) to the body (4-10 below), you must be able to pass through Da'ath (the hidden Sephira of ultimate truth).

Because our current system does not allow for true embodiment of our unique selves, through ultimate Truth, Power, and Love, and instead uses a cookie cutter strategy with their V, government-run school system, and more, we have the mess that we are in now.

Very few people are embodied and aligned, and thus they are willing to accept the V...

When I say the V is incomplete and upside down, I guess what I mean is: the V was never the way, but for those who could not find their way without the V, they may still be able to wake up and self care to keep going, its just going to be harder, the path from ugliness/crazy/meanness to beauty and reciprocity (appreciating the people who tried to warn them are smart and do care, the triangle).

Those smart enough to avoid the V, can get around it, by simply being good to themselves, each other, and the earth (the circle). Holding all aspects of themselves in their wholeness (see below for the pillars of the triangle: Love, Truth, and Power).

Image again, as above (so below):

May you find your way. Much more to come. Go to the top right corner on this page to subscribe to my blog, to keep your selves in the loop.

This is the closest the trio of Ved, Vers, and harbors of the Ved can get to me. Jupiter sits in the 3rd house of my natal astrology chart (communicating my unique perspective), where I have come-passion and mercy for all.

It is normal for us to draw limits on who we accept to cross our boundaries based on health:

The only exception I may make are when one parent Vs themselves against the wishes of their co-parent and kid(s), then, on a case-by-case basis, I may support the unVed parent and their kids, and I may be able to refer the Ved parent to someone who may be willing to work with them, if they are willing to wake up!

In Soul Contract, numbers are rated according to their level of Love, Power, and Truth. If someone is too low in any of these categories, they are lacking.

You can not have unconditional love for someone if you allow them to deny the truth, or let them use their power to infringe on others, this is not love at all, it s actually one of the worst kinds of parenting, teaching them not to give a sh*t about anyone but themselves.

For me, I love, but I am willing to love from a distance, let people live their lives, here are my boundaries, if you want to lie to your self, then I am going to look the other way, as I don't want to invest my energy in anyone else's denial of truth, or pretending to be powerless.

Am I in balance, you decide. I'd say because our society is so messed up, no one really knows. I love, I stand in my power, I stand in my truth, I hold people to stand in truth and in their power, of their impact on others and who they want to be.

I feel this makes my triangle strong, and open to learn more.

But, only life will teach me if its not.

Gratitude. What an interesting time to be alive!


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