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The Yin Yang V

Sometimes I write a piece, just to see if I can.

A TCM master told me that “the V is very yin”. His understanding, at the time, was that “very yin” is bad. So, his goal was to drain the yin, and increase the yang. But, we all know, very anything is bad, because we need balance.

Yang is what gives us the energy needed to thrive and grow, but too much yang and we don’t stop to feel and nurture.

In Esogetic Medicine there are 3 ways a person can be: Endocrine (meaning they are hardly in their bodies and they suffer because they burn out all their hormones just trying to avoid being with and processing life), Lymphatic (meaning they are always sick, because they are always detoxing, because they don’t know how to let go of their emotions or navigate conflict in any other way), and Degenerative (when you ask them they say they are fine, when you know they are not, they don’t remember anything about anything, because they refuse to process, they just box it up and store, and are later hit with a life threatening illness, as a payback, for not engaging with their body and their life).

The V is yin, in that, if you have dormant cancer, and you take the V, boy oh boy, might it come back to resurface, and give you another layer to heal.

But, without yin, you have no ecosystem. Yin is earth and rain, and wood, perhaps. And Yang is fire and metal and air. Even though, in truth, each organ has all elements and all elements have yin yang balance, etc. We can’t keep living like robots, we need to feel, to slow down, to heal.

Am I going to take the V? Hell no! I’m yin enough already!

Its like the tippy bucket at the water park. It only tips when it reaches a point where it can no longer balance.

One dose, two doses, five doses, seven?

I’ve had that moment already. I‘ve experienced major depression, triggered by a V, on top of years of chronic social anxiety. I course corrected, first with meds to help me float, then with truth to help me live.

I am standing on solid ground. I know who I am. I know kinder methods to find and maintain balance. To accept my self, and to heal.

My bucket tipped already, the way many psychotherapists (used to) try to tip their tough cases:

Push them into depression, break their ego, let them come out the other side, then they’ll finally listen to me, and change.

But, there’s a nicer way, for those who are willing to listen.

However, most choose to take the V, and that is ok too. Whatever it takes for you to wake up, and learn, this life is not perfect, and it is in its lack of perfection, that we have many opportunities to learn and heal. And to allow our life force to enter us completely, and live as close to the edge of the boundary, between our physical body and the outside air.

See Healy coherence for more on what this means (ignore the suggested love scene, you know the advertisers just love that kind of stuff, when others know love is everywhere, not just where sex can be sold, to make us feel bad enough to buy):

Yin Yang. There is no strength that can remain, if it pulls you out of balance!

Sending love.

I guess I could write it, after all.


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