This is a V passport...

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

These are all the times I willingly took my children (or my self) to the doctor to be injected with poison:

These allow you to track which doses you’ve had and when, so you don’t take more than is “needed”.

They are not required to get in anywhere. If you stop taking anything on the schedule, you can just watch a video and sign that you still choose not to do so.

The teachers are being given the same offer (parents can NOT ask if their child’s teacher is Ved, and they have created some strange clause that you can get C every 90 days, possibly a set up for multi V doses per year?):

Except, this V can be extracted from the body of those who are Ved and those who have frequent close contact with those who are Ved very easily, and this can trigger illness, in someone who is not Ved. As was the case for me.

This is what I take daily, to cope with the consequences of so many people carrying the V in their bodies, and I keep my distance, and I don’t treat people who are Ved, or those who live with people who are Ved (I will teach them via zoom, and direct them to others who may be able to help):

I share this because: if you come down with symptoms within a week of watching your “movie”, know there are people who can help.

And, if you are being threatened to lose your job if you don’t V: come on, you are being liberated.

See the movie Storks, where they liberate orphan Tulip (tulip is just fine, orphan hurts my heart):

You are the one with the power, creativity, and love, to change this world for the better.

Let them set you free, so you can build with us, or on your own.

ps. The other way around this for me, in the past, was to get my blood tested, what I have antibodies for already, I don’t need a V for, and even taking a V does not guarantee you will respond and build antibodies, we are all different. But, learning how to manage illness and health, and creating a supportive network around you, that can care for you and your family when you need help, well, that’s better than any V any day.

We stopped Ving our kids, because the doctor said “she didn’t want to V them again, until she regained their trust, if they are sick, she needs to be able to care for them, and that requires trust”. They have never trusted her again. And, when they tried to V our 3rd child in utero, without being able to provide a solid good reason, I refused, and we have never Ved her since.

Sending love, whatever you decide. 💕

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