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This Is Us - fhive gee, the V, Vbody supremacy, “I’m just trying to run a business”, soul contracts

This episode of This Is Us shows us how much harder it is to be born black/coloured.

I was born mixed, I had some of this. A white person (especially middle class and up) would be much less likely to experience this level of abuse: assumptions made about the intentions of the parents, bad advice given, loss of child, loss of life etc. In this episode they say “god will take your pain, you just have to let it go”, and the character aptly says “I don’t know how”. Don’t worry, we chose our skin colour and socioeconomic class too, different levels of difficulty and mastery, no one better than the other.

This is not unlike how the unVed are being treated. People don’t ask why they chose not to V, they just assume, and treat them badly. There is no place on earth that is made “safer” by excluding those who refuse or can not show a Vpass (especially a botanical garden, come on, that place is full of multidimensional medicine, yet you want a 12yr old to poison him/herself to get in? Hard pass, no thanks!). I’ve called some business on this behaviour, see:

Their response is “I’m just trying to keep my business running, pay my employees, we’ve suffered the most from these lockdowns”. It doesn’t matter how much you think you may have suffered. If you choose dirty pain over clean pain, you’re going to suffer more. These are our contracts. We are here to learn to do what’s right, not to play victim and hurt the other.

I am sick:

Why is very well outlined in this book:

Every time they do a mass increase of Eee Em Effs, the elements (ie. heavy metals) in our body need to return to the 2D telluric realm, and this looks like the outbreak of a veyerus.

There is also a battle for our body/vibration, between the parasites and the physical body, and the mind and 4D (entertainment, mainstream news/beliefs ah-new-nah-key). The 4D canopy blocks our access to the higher realms, and our refusal to let go and allow what is not ours to return to the 2D realm, is what causes the pain we are experiencing now.

I have always been gifted with illness, to bench me when my ego would have made a mistake.

My ego says “anyone who Ms or Vs should be asked to quarantine, anyone who forces another to M or V should be jailed, anyone who asks for proof of a V (or who shows proof, thinking this makes them a better person, Vbody supremacy) should be offered sensitivity training, anyone who allows fhive gee to flow through their device should have their device smashed beyond all repair, and anyone who says they have to do this to run their business does not deserve to have employees or customers”.

But, because I am only allowed out of the gate if I speak what is helpful and true, the truth is; these are our contracts.

The whole reason I loved the series “This Is Us” is because nowhere else can you see contracts literally just play out over and over and over, fair is fair, it’s what we are here for, no matter how much we wish bad things never happened or how much we want justice. In fact, because our justice system is so messed up, this is why I think it is impossible to prepare kids for this world, this world makes no sense, we can not guide them the way we were guided.

I almost didn’t watch this season of This Is Us, because I could not handle seeing media glorify the illness, but, they didn’t. It’s present, they talk about it, they talk about a lot of things, many people had many experiences in this time.

My astrology co-teacher is right “no matter what happened, we all need to find a way to go out the door again”.

I am on an extensive healing protocol. I will get better, I will learn my limits, I will care for my body. It doesn’t matter what others do. We share this experience, and we get our experience. Personal growth.

Multidimensional health psychology” my current description for the service that I offer, so that we can navigate all of this as easily and consciously as possible. Pain is inevitable, suffering is a choice.

I like this chart, as it shows, electro (positive and negative balance, membrane potential) and magnetic (acidic/alkaline balance), combined literally represent eee em effs, and this 💯 determines the terrain from which we are able to support health or illness.

This is not made up. If you have heavy metals in your body, if you have parasites in your body and mind, fighting for your vibration, well, these things change your experience of life. Especially when they increase the circulating V (loaded with all kinds of dangerous heavy metals) and fhive gee (literally magnets for bodies that have been ultimately loaded, to be determined exactly what they seek to con-troll or destroy, probably your ability to have your life, or maybe it’s just another part of the game, so we get to play out our contracts). We are not victims and we are not here to save the other, spirit simply cranks the volume, when we fail to listen to the whisper.


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