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This is where they trip you up...

See Maslow’s hierarchy of need:

Yes, you need the basic: safety, food, toileting, comfort, in order to be able to function.

But you do not need to be liked, or to be decorated with accomplishments!

You need to feel fulfilled and confident in your self, and know that most people don’t share what they really think about anything, because they too are too busy trying to be liked.

If you focus on the middle, you fall back into the bottom.

I used to show parents how their children experience life differently, so they could have compassion and respect for their kids, and stop trying to make them who they think they should be, in order to function in society, and simply embrace, love, and support who they are.

Unfortunately, that business is not in demand right now, because people are too stuck at the bottom of the triangle, believing that they need to survive.

To actualize, and become your self, you need to drop the baggage, the victim, the poor me, the this is what was done to me/us, and empower your self. Stop worrying about the rules and others. Just find out what is right for you, make the contacts you need to feel supported and able to shine. Stop trying to be liked and assuming that you are not.

My biggest gift at the moment is probably being able to clear the garbage and conditioning for people, so they can break through, and move with more clarity in life. This takes time. Sending love 💕

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